East Texas Community Health Services director encourages businesses to reach out to unvaccinated individuals

East Texas Community Health Services executive director encourages businesses to reach out to unvacc

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Texas health leaders are urging communities to convince people who have chosen not to get a COVID-19 vaccine, to step up for the shot in the arm.

Vaccination stats clearly show the demand for COVID-19 vaccinations have dropped off.

“Everyone who wants a vaccine, can get a vaccine,” said Nacogdoches Fire Chief Keith Kiplinger.

But to convince the hesitant to roll-up their sleeves, like millions others have done, is still a work in process.

“We really need to push toward people being more comfortable with it,” said Anita Humphreys, executive director for East Texas Community Health Center.

Humphreys starts with telling business leaders tuned into the Nacogdoches Chamber stakeholders weekly call the vital role they can assume.

“Businesses such as yourselves to reach out and join with us to get some good PR out there and good PSA’s created. Leaders that the community recognize,” was her suggestion.

The health provider asks business owners to educate and to dispel vaccine myths.

“It’s lending itself to having some folks having non-confidence in the vaccines. We know that science is proving that is not the case. We really do need to get folks more comfortable in taking the shots,” said Humphreys.

Nacogdoches Chamber board chair Ted Smith thinks it can happen.

“I think by letting people know you’re getting the shot and getting vaccinated and being responsible helps show that. Lead by example.”

Humphreys sends a reminder to all who say they are reluctant or don’t have the time to be vaccinated.

“If you look back over history, we’ve done some great work in eradicating some horrible diseases simply by vaccinating. And that’s the case with this one.”

Humphreys is allocating a portion of the Americans Rescue Plan federal grant to launch a COVID-19 vaccination media campaign .

East Texas Community Health Center is now taking vaccination appointments at ethc.com

There will be a COVID-19 vaccine clinic Wednesday, May 5 at the Nacogdoches County Expo Center. Appointments are still available. One can be made by calling 936-305-8488 or www.tinyurl.com/vacnac

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