Fruits of Diboll farm’s labor provides for Texas Blueberry Festival

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 1:01 PM CDT
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DIBOLL, Texas (KTRE) - Anxious moments are over for Texas Blueberry Festival planners and Brookshire Brothers concerning blueberry supplies. The main supplier has ample production for the festival and grocery stores. The Wood Blueberry Farm in Diboll had luck on its side.

The Wood Blueberry Farm is family-owned, but Julie Wood says she runs the show.

She has her rounds made on a four-wheeler to gather blueberries from harvesters timed out to the second.

“We have approximately 8 acres. And it’s roughly 8,000 plants.” An investment Wood feared would be lost, “when the February 15, three-degree freeze hit.”

At least a month passed before she could guarantee Brookshire Brothers a berry production for the Texas Blueberry Festival.

“I can tell you we have picked well over a thousand gallons this week in preparation to sending them over there,” Wood said.

Wood has a theory about why the Wood farm berries produced, while some farms are still waiting.

“We have bees that get delivered every year. The timing was perfect this year. We were in full bloom. That pollination helps what we call ‘set the fruit’,” she said.

Wood Blueberry Farm has supplied the Blueberry Festival for several years after Nacogdoches County’s largest grower shut down operations in 2014.

The Woods have some close connections to Nacogdoches County. When the Woods established their farm in 2006, they asked SFA horticulturist Dr. David Creech lots of questions.

You can find the Brookshire Brothers blueberry truck Saturday parked between Nacogdoches city hall and Dolli’s diner. Blueberries will sell for $3 per pint or $15 for six pints. The Wood Blueberry Farm is also open for pick-your-own customers.

The Nacogdoches County farm, The Blueberry Place, won’t be open for the festival as the fruit isn’t completely ripe, but owners say they’ll be ready for guests in about three weeks.

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