Mexican Consulate officials come to Nacogdoches to help Mexican nationals

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 4:19 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The Mexican Consulate is in Nacogdoches this week. The consulate offers services and protection to Mexican citizens abroad, including identification and passports. Day one was met with long lines and some scheduling confusion.

The Mexican Consulate’s arrival this first day was set at one o’clock. But some customers had been waiting since six in the morning. By noon around 80 were in line.

Many didn’t know appointments were necessary. Others said phone and e-mail registration didn’t always work.

Nacogdoches ISD’s Bilingual Program Director Dr. Evelyn Sauceda answers questions.

Roy Reyes with La Lengua newspaper does the same. The co-coordinators understand passports and proper id are important.

“They do need that to make different transactions, such as open up bank accounts or pay taxes for example,” explained Sauceda

It’s all the kind of papers a person needs, no matter where they’re from.

“Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and they offer dual citizenship,” added Reyes.

The city of Nacogdoches helped out too. SFA nurses were there to give COVID-19 vaccines. NISD registered pre-K and kindergarteners. And Tuesday NEDCO begins a three-day job fair.

It’s inclusiveness.

“Kinda closing the gap for the families. We have that gap of not being able to provide information or sometimes they don’t feel comfortable going and asking,” said Sauceda.

“They are raising families here. They are next door neighbors. They use the services that everybody uses,” said Reyes.

It’s the kinds of services provided at Mexican Consulate offices in Houston and Dallas, without the inconvenience of travel.

The visit helps Dr. Sauceda and her parents renew their passports.

“Even though we’re U.S citizens it is always nice to have all that documentation when we travel to have that double citizenship,” explained Sauceda.

Consulate on Wheels will be encouraged to come back for more visits to Nacogdoches. Based on today’s turnout its services are needed.

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