From the Ground Up: Texas Beef Council continues work to increase demand

From the Ground Up - July 1, 2021
From the Ground Up - July 1, 2021
Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 12:02 PM CDT
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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) - How much more did you look for new recipes in the past year? How many new restaurants have you tried? Into and now out of a global pandemic, there’s been a renewed pursuit in connecting ourselves with the community and the environment around us. Some folks in agriculture are hoping to capitalize on that pursuit.

“Our product was significantly fatter back in the 60s, 70s, really even in the 80′s,” says Molly McAdams, the Executive Vice President of the Texas Beef Council. “Between selection, outstanding genetics, animal feeding, all these advancements in beef production, we have a higher quality in terms of marbling, leaner product in terms of offered, including fabrications at packing and retail.”

As the story of beef continues, she’s focused on telling it to a new audience, and finding a silver lining in some of the challenges we have faced in the past year.

“I actually believe that coming out of this pandemic, is really going to be a great thing in a lot of different ways,” says McAdams. “I think that people are gonna learn to cook again and they really hadn’t. There was this interest in gardening, maybe in raising a handful of chickens but it gives you that earthiness that touchstone.”

In going back to our roots, folks in agriculture are hoping for a new connection to the story of agriculture

“The more that we can invite others into what our life is like, the more powerful it is.”

Her advice to producers? Capitalize on our renewed connection to earth, and today’s tools of communication.

“There’s some great ranches in the state of Texas, and ranches all over are starting to figure out, especially if they’ve got kids or grandkids, that are really into social media. They’re figuring out we have a wonderful brand, and in their case it’s a real brand, it’s a physical brand. How do they invite others in? In a way that they can be humorous, it can engage them.. but it all helps tug them a little closer to agriculture and we all need to be doing that. every one of us.”

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