Grub worm control should happen now to prevent lawn destruction

Grub worm lays in soil
Grub worm lays in soil(for all use)
Published: Jul. 11, 2021 at 5:31 PM CDT
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LUFKIN , Texas (KTRE) - The summer season welcomes a new life cycle for insects. Angelina County’s representative for Agriculture and natural resources explained the preventative action you can take now to see less damage to their lawns this year.

The white C-shaped worms that may live in one’s garden or lawn have just hatched. In just a few months, these worms will grow into June bugs. Cary Sims, the Angelina County representative for agriculture and natural resources, said the time to kill them is now.

“The best time to control them because those grub worms are small and very easy to control. When they get larger, they’re much harder to control even the products that we’ve talked about, their rates are going to be so high they might not even be affected,” Sims said.

These worms are a nuisance to many property owners because of the destruction they bring to plant roots.

“You can grab the top of grass and plants, and it’s like lifting up a shag carpet it just comes right up. The grass is getting detached because that is because the roots have been eaten,” Sims said.

Sims said she recommends property owners prevent destruction by using insecticides.

“The two products that I’m a big fan of, one of them is imidacloprid. A lot of folks might have heard of that; it is in a lot of good lawn and garden products. And the other active ingredient is halofenozide and that also does a very good job,” Sims said.

The Angelina County extension agent said that if insecticides are applied to the grub worms this Summer, property owners will see less damage to plants later this year.

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