Imagine the Possibilities event comes to San Augustine

Imagine the Possibilities event comes to San Augustine
Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 11:40 AM CDT
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SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas (KTRE) - A statewide event highlighting opportunities cities’ in downtown areas made its way to Deep East Texas.

The Imagine the Possibilities event arrived in downtown San Augustine today.

“It’s an effort to get the businesses open, and we have some good locations that would make good businesses for people that would want to come in and work,” said San Augustine Drug Co. co-owner Mike Jackson.

It’s a statewide program with the Texas Historical Commission and, where cities are chosen to invite potential investors, realtors, developers, and residents to see what the downtown areas have to offer.

“And with that, we just open up the buildings that are vacant,” said San Augustine Main Street Manager Tracy Cox. “Some may not be vacant, but they’re open for either sale, lease or some want to rent it for a short period of time.”

San Augustine Main Street officials said having the event is vital for businesses especially with the impact COVID-19 has had on them.

“All the business owners, of course, like all downtowns, have had a struggle, but ours have stayed open - most all of them,” Cox said “But for our businesses to have more business help.”

“The more businesses you have, the more people you will have downtown,” said Marshall McMillian, the chair of San Augustine Main Street. “And every business then will thrive more with the traffic you create with the businesses downtown.”

Folks in San Augustine said this could have a huge impact for the city. Jackson said he wants to see more businesses in town.

“Some places think of competition as a bad thing,” Jackson said. “When you have more businesses downtown, for instance - restaurants, having another restaurant doesn’t just help that restaurant, it helps the other existing restaurants. When people come into the drug store, we tell them you need to look at other places here. It’s more of a community effort.”

“That’s what we’re in the business of doing is trying to conserve the buildings, but at the same time, create the economic development and trying to help the businesses stay in business,” Cox said.

Back in May, Palestine, and Winnsboro also participated in the event for their towns.

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