Civil Air Patrol hosts one-week-long medical training course

Published: Jul. 31, 2021 at 4:22 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The Civil Air Patrol’s medical orientation and training school held its course for students interested in gaining medical experience over the course of this week.

The students graduated from the course on Saturday and will use the skills they learned to help craft their bright futures.

They had seven days to focus on all areas of the medical field, from first aid techniques to low-angle rope rescues. Civil Air Patrol Commander Jason Quick said the medical orientation sought to provide students with the knowledge needed to respond to emergency scenarios.

“The biggest thing with this is developing leaders that are going to be leaders in medicine today, leaders in medicine tomorrow, and leaders in medicine in the future. So that is what we did this week. We saw an enormous amount of teamwork,” Quick said.

Esther Treibes is a member of this week’s graduating class. She said the skills she learned during instruction helped her to gain confidence.

“I have a duty to act up when somebody’s injured now because I have a certain level of certification, so like for me, if somebody falls over I would not be one of the bystanders to just stand by I would jump down there and help that person as much as possible, and I have a base in the level of knowledge to be able to help,” Treibes said.

All students participating in the course left Saturday with CPR and first-aid certifications.

“At one point we had everyone in the room. We did CPR to the beat of the songs right, and everyone had to do CPR for 2 minutes straight in order to get our certifications. It was actually really cool,” Treibes said.

Treibes said that all students involved in the training have different goals. She said some students started this week completely uninterested in the medical field but have now changed their minds. Student William Neylon is thankful for all the skills he learned.

“I came to this training knowing next to nothing, and I’m going out with a lot of good knowledge, and my main goal right now is just to help and serve humanity. Cause that’s what I want to do with my life ultimately is just to help people,” Neylon said.

The top 20 percent of this graduating class are invited to complete an advanced medical orientation and training course this winter.

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