Sen. Hughes says senator’s filibuster unsuccessful against ‘commonsense reforms’ of voting bill

Sen. Bryan Hughes discusses SB1 on East Texas Now, KLTV
Sen. Bryan Hughes discusses SB1 on East Texas Now, KLTV
Published: Aug. 12, 2021 at 4:54 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - State Sen. Bryan Hughes of Mineola spoke with East Texas Now on Thursday to discuss the voting rights bill that passed the senate on Thursday.

Senate Bill 1, which Hughes says includes “commonsense reforms” to protect election integrity in Texas, passed 18-11, even after Wednesday’s overnight 15-hour filibuster.

“(SB1) cracks down on those vote harvesters, those paid political operatives who try to coerce voters, who try to mislead voters, who try to get in between the voter and her ballot. We will not have that in Texas,” Hughes said to East Texas Now’s Jeremy Butler, echoing what he said to the Texas Tribune.

The filibuster was undertaken by Sen. Carol Alvarado, a democrat from Houston, for twelve hours. According to the Texas Tribune, Alvarado followed filibuster rules and didn’t sit, or even lean against the podium, during the filibuster, nor did she have any water to drink. She stood in tennis shoes as she read from papers in front of her. However, he said when the filibuster ended Thursday, the senate passed the bill that Alvarado opposed.

Now the bill heads to the House, but the vote may not happen this week. Hughes says that Texas law requires a 2/3 quorum to vote, which would be about 125 representatives present to vote. Since a number of democrats left the state so they would not be required to vote on the legislation which they opposed, there are only about 96 representatives present.

Hughes said that state troopers may be asked to make civil arrests (as opposed to criminal arrests) of those representatives who are refusing to return to the House to vote.

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