Nacogdoches residents make extra effort to recycle paper, plastic

Published: Aug. 18, 2021 at 5:50 PM CDT|Updated: Aug. 18, 2021 at 6:13 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - If you’re looking to recycle cardboard, tires, or oil, Nacogdoches Public Works is happy to help. If you’re an eco-conscious resident with plastic and paper to get rid of, you’ll need to find another way to take care of it.

“Years ago, there was a curbside recycling program,” said Cary Walker, Nacogdoches Public Works Manager. “But there wasn’t a lot of participation in it, and it wasn’t cost effective to go for the little bit of recyclable product that you got or commodity that you got.”

If you really want to find a place to recycle in Nacogdoches, one of the best places is behind the public library and the recreation center. They have bins for cardboard, paper and plastics. Other than that, you’re most likely putting everything in the trash bin.

“We understand the popularity and the right-thing-to-do attitude about recycling, but it’s a balance for us,” said Steve Bartlett, Director of Public Works. “I would suggest that if that’s a priority for you, you address that with your local council member, with the mayor and the council, and it’s something they can consider from a budgetary term to start a program.”

In addition to consumer demand, Bartlett says factors like the COVID-19 pandemic and exports overseas have changed the economics of recycling, especially in East Texas.

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