Parks Advocacy League hosts fundraiser to raise money for Nacogdoches park improvements

Parks Advocacy League hosts basketball tournament at Festival Park
Parks Advocacy League hosts basketball tournament at Festival Park(for all use)
Published: Sep. 4, 2021 at 8:04 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - One park in Nacogdoches is in need of some renovations. Robert McCrimmon park has had no improvements in the last 60 years, Park Advocacy League is doing what they can to give the park the makeover it deserves.

Parks Advocacy League held a community heroes basketball tournament today to raise funds for Robert McCrimmon park. Michelle Cox, president of the league, dedicated the event to all the local heroes in the community.

“Every team is named after a local hero which is really exciting, their names are on the jerseys and so we’re getting to know these people who dedicated their lives to serving in the community,” Cox said.

The City of Nacogdoches named the park after Robert McCrimmon in the nineties because of his influence on the community. Tyson Davis, a player in the tournament said he knows McCrimmon’s story well.

“Mr. McCrimmon worked for the city and he actually found confederate money and dug it up and returned it in. For his honorable honesty he was awarded a lifelong job with the City of Nacogdoches,” Davis said.

And Davis says he recognizes these respectable qualities in people all over Nacogdoches.

“His honesty, his hard work, it really did represent the community that he’s from and lives in. And being that he was highlighted with the park being named after him we knew that there were so many other heroes with similar stories<” Davis said.

The City of Nacogdoches will match the funds that parks advocacy groups raises. The basketball tournament and kickoff event helped PAL raise 10,000 dollars of their 60,000 dollar goal.

“We finish a park, it’s used more and people do come out more and the kids are happier. And so it really is something that benefits everybody,” Cox said.

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