Man killed in Lufkin officer-involved shooting

Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 7:01 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 7, 2021 at 8:49 AM CDT
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LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Lufkin Police have identified a man who died following an officer-involved shooting early Tuesday morning.

Body cam footage provided by the Lufkin Police Department and edited for tv.

In its entirety, important evidence, according to Detective J.B. Smith with the Lufkin Police Department.

“The victim directed the officers to the second trailer on the property, so the officer went to that trailer,” described Smith. “The door was opened. The opening was covered with a sheet. They knocked on that open door.”

The video shows the officer’s hand knocking on the trailer with his flashlight. A voice from inside is heard. “Come in. Come in.” The officer than responds, “Come out and talk to me please.”

Investigators have since learned the voice from inside was a victim. The suspect came out.

In the video the suspect could be heard saying, ‘hey’. Then the blasts of gun shots are heard.

Smith says the officer trained, “for a split-second decision.”

According to police, the man who was shot and died is named Anthony Cravo, 52, from Cypress, Texas.

And an apparent stranger to police and the two victims held hostage.

“And one of them beaten severely who was flown to a Houston hospital,” said Smith.

Next door neighbor, Boisey Williams said he watched the incident from inside his home.

“It was nice and calm and then all of sudden police came out, suspect, guns, and robbery and it was like, whoa. And then all of a sudden you see police starting to surround the trailer.”

A three-fold investigation is underway said Smith.

“We have our criminal investigation of the suspect’s actions. We have an internal investigation to make sure the policies and procedures were followed. And then we have the Texas Rangers doing an investigation of our officer’s actions, to make sure there were no criminal actions on their part.”

Smith supports his officers’ actions, but adds, the incident is disturbing to families, a police department and a community.

An autopsy of Cravo is scheduled for Wednesday.

Man killed in Lufkin officer-involved shooting
Man killed in Lufkin officer-involved shooting(LUFKIN POLICE DEPARTMENT)

Following posted earlier Tuesday

The preliminary investigation shows that just after midnight officers arrived in the 900 block of North Chestnut Street to find a man standing in front of two mobile homes and bleeding from his head.

The victim and a woman who was with him said they were robbed of their car keys, wallet, and cellphone by an armed white male said the report. The victim said the suspect hit him in the head with the butt of a long gun and said the suspect fled on foot down North Chestnut Street.

According to officers, the victim directed them to a mobile home on the backside of the property where witnesses or the suspect may be located.

Officers approached the mobile home and found the front door to be open but draped with a sheet, said the report.

An officer knocked on the open door and a man inside the mobile home said “Come in, come in.” The officer told the man “Come out and talk to me please.” Seconds later the suspect emerged with a rifle still in his hands, said the report.

Upon seeing the uniformed officer, the suspect raised the gun as if to shoot the officer and that is when the officer fired approximately twice, striking the suspect, according to the report.

The suspect was taken by ambulance to a helipad and flown to an out-of-town hospital where he later died, said officials.

Per Department policy, the incident is under investigation by the Texas Rangers.

According to the department in their ongoing effort of transparency, they are releasing a portion of the officer’s body-worn camera video.

This video was provided by the Lufkin Police Department. It contains graphic and disturbing content.

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