Rusk County Sheriff’s Office investigators say shooting incident was not drive-by

Published: Oct. 1, 2021 at 1:25 PM CDT
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RUSK COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - Two East Texas men, wounded and hospitalized, are the focus of an investigation where multiple shots were fired.

It happened around 7-pm Thursday in Rusk county on highway 64 West, just outside of Henderson.

What initially appeared to be a drive by shooting to Rusk county investigators turned out to be a more measured incident. Starting with a Tahoe that was seen leaving the scene.

“The initial call was that there were several vehicles leaving the scene. We went out towards 64 and one of the vehicles passed us. The gunshot victim was in the Tahoe, deputies followed him to the E-R, where the other gunshot victim showed up,” said Rusk county sheriff Johnwayne Valdez.

The sheriff’s office says 48 year old Frank Torres Lewis, and 25 year old George Anthony junior, both of Henderson, had a beef with each other.

“They do both have a common link. We’re exploring that. There were several witnesses that came forward,” Valdez said.

But investigators say the location had nothing to do with this incident. Neither man lived at the site or knew anyone there. They simply stopped to get out and shoot at each other.

With multiple shots fired, both men suffered wounds to their extremities and lower body.

“We found a lot of shell casings. Probably in the neighborhood of 12 maybe 15,” the sheriff said.

The investigation now focuses on what was the motive behind the confrontation.

the Texas Rangers are coming in to assist.

“We’ll be looking at bullet trajectory with the Texas Rangers,” Valdez says,

The sheriff says both men are being treated in a Tyler hospital, and both are expected to recover.

Charges have not yet been made against either man.

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