Survey says Deep East Texans want, need reliable broadband internet

Survey says Deep East Texans want, need reliable broadband internet
Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 2:48 PM CST

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The results of broadband survey for Nacogdoches County are in. No real surprises. Residents want faster and more reliable service. The documented data may lead to improvements.

Almost 2,000 respondents across Nacogdoches County provided insights into their internet connectivity or lack thereof. Connected Nation and local partners gathered the data.

By Zoom, Sierra Sees sums up the findings.

“There is a want for broadband, rather it’s an increased speeds, additional services, cheaper services, better connections all across the county,” said the broadband solution manager.

The Connected Nation survey reveals the region is way below the state average for having internet speeds fast enough to support the average household’s multiple internet devices.

“If you look at the 100 megabit per second speed, at the statewide level, there’s 92% availability at that level. It’s 69.6 % in Nacogdoches County. Let’s round that up to 70. 70 versus 92 at the statewide level. That’s a big chunk of a difference,” said Sees.

Cost and availability are the two primary barriers to home broadband adoption in Nacogdoches County. The average monthly internet cost is close to $90 a month, much higher than in other communities. As many as 58% do not have available broadband. Not surprising findings, but the data could help obtain a higher level of service, according to Larissa Philpot-Brown, CEO for Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation.

“It’s useful data for us to prove to people who aren’t in the market, to say to this internet service provider, look at all these additional customers you could pick up if you would build out in the network.”

Connected Nation’s survey work is complete, but the partnership remains. This broadband solution manager knows and even experiences the frustration a slow internet connection can cause.

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An infrastructure interactive map, a plan summary and recommended actions are specifically addressed in the broadband study. Nacogdoches County Texas | Connected Nation

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