East Texas Now: ABC Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee talks about her new book

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 4:01 PM CST
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EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - On Wednesday, ABC News Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee spoke to East Texas Now Host Jeremy Butler about her new book, “A Little Closer to Home: How I Found the Calm After the Storm.”

During the interview, Butler asked Zee to talk about the response she has received to her first book, “Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One.”

“It has been truly incredible. I don’t like to use that word too much because I think it needs to have weight, but it has,” Zee said. “I’ve gotten hundreds, if not thousands, of messages that said something as deep as, ‘You saved my life.’”

Zee said with her new book, she dived deeper into her life. She added that it is about learning how to heal, finding the tools to do that, and maintaining that healing.

Butler then asked Zee how her second book is different from the first one.

“That first book I wrote while I was doing the show, Dancing with the Stars, so I wrote it while I was on airplanes. I think it feels like a 35,000-foot-up look at my life,” Zee said. “I wrote the second book in my basement, on my couch in a pandemic, and I think you can really feel that. It’s earthier. I hope it means more.”

Zee said she hopes there are big tools and healing tips that people might be able to get from her new book.

ABC’s chief meteorologist said it was hard to write the stories she shared in “A Little Closer to Home” and that it was also hard to share them.

The blurb for the book on the Amazon website states, “In this moving follow-up, Ginger shares her truest self. She spent most of her childhood shielding her vulnerabilities from the world all while being a professional people pleaser.”

To watch the full interview, click the video above.

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