Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative prepares for arrival of severe weather

WebXtra: Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative prepares for arrival of severe weather
Published: Feb. 1, 2022 at 4:21 PM CST

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - This arctic cold front in East Texas is not expected to be anything as bad as last year’s winter storm.

Nevertheless, Deep East Texans deserve reassurance power providers are prepared.

The communication line this year may help keep your home heated and lit.

The Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative serves 8 counties. Close communication with the Public Utilities Commission may benefit thousands of co-op members.

“We’ve had daily briefings with the Public Utilities Commission, Texas Department of Emergency Management,” said Brittney Ford, communication director for the co-op.

Also on the call list, for months, is Governor Greg Abbott.

“They (PUC) have been inspecting all the power generators in the entire state of Texas. And at least 99% or more of the power generators in the state of Texas have passed inspection or are fully operational,” said the governor in a Tuesday morning press conference.

Under scrutiny are power grid operators. ERCOT is the largest, but not the only operator of power generation facilities.

“We are actually in an area that crosses all three grids,” said Ford.

Electric co-ops and large transmission and distribution companies, such as ONCOR, are told ERCOT is monitoring conditions closely.

“They’re monitoring their load conditions, making sure they have all their power generation facilities up and running and ready to respond to the winter storm, since that was much of the problem last year,” shared Ford.

This year, the highest demand for power is expected to be Friday morning. The governor wants ERCOT to be ready.

He said, “They are already bringing more generation online sooner than what happened last year. They have additional crews already deployed.”

Deep East Texas Electric and Oncor have not requested additional crews, but they’re on standby if needed. So far workers are sticking to winter preps and routine maintenance.

They share with customers the same concern over the approaching winter storm.

“I hope nothing like we experienced last year,” is Ford’s desire.

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