Keith Yarbrough describes quest to become Nacogdoches County's first black mayor

Keith Yarbrough - Nacogdoches County first black mayor
Published: Apr. 5, 2022 at 10:03 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Keith Yarbrough, a Garrison native is ready to make history once again in his hometown and says he is ready to get to work.

“I knew that it was going to be making history for Garrison for me just to get on the ballot,” said Yarbrough.

He first made history in Garrison back in the mid 90′s as the first black police officer for the town. He served for four years. While he did, he was encouraged to do more and that stayed in the back of his mind.

“I always wanted to do something more, so the thought of mayor started kind of creeping into my mind,” he said.

In 2021, he became Garrison’s Lion’s Club president, again being the first black man as president for a club where they give a helping hand to the community and neighboring towns.

He founded his own church, Bounty of Blessings Ministry, where they donated Christmas gifts and provide a scholarship for students in his alma mater of Garrison High School.

Growing up, Yarbrough says that many people in his life have told him he wouldn’t make it. That alone inspired him to excel in his career of public service.

“I want to be able to inspire people and let them know that it doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter what situation you’re in. As long as God has something for you, no one else can take that from you.” Yarbrough said.

Yarbrough’s opponent dropped out the race and has been verified by the secretary of state that he would be the official mayor of Garrison.

“We have to fix our town up, we got to get stuff going. We got to have better roads, we got to have better sewer systems, better water systems, better school systems. We got to get all this stuff going and the way to get that done is we have to get everybody on the same page and work for one common goal.”

Yarbrough will be sworn into office on May 9 at Garrison City Hall.

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