A Better East Texas: Accuracy in reporting

Source: KLTV Staff
Source: KLTV Staff(KLTV Staff)
Published: Apr. 14, 2022 at 5:01 PM CDT
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EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Let’s face it. It is difficult to show restraint and discipline when it applies to yourself. We are wired to get excited. We want to tell our story.

However, when it comes to telling stories that are not accurate or verified, we all must show some self-discipline. That applies to the media as well. It seems almost weekly that I hear media reports that broadcast what they call unconfirmed reports of X. These can be stories from a crisis somewhere in the world or right here in our own backyard. In the media world, that is driven by the thirst to be first, and it is very dangerous.

When any media deliver unconfirmed content, we risk becoming fake news. Yet, I see it on the national networks – both conservative and liberal – and they even occasionally repeat it. At that point, regardless of how many corrections or clarifications you air, you cannot truly recall incorrect info. It’s easy to see how the damage can be done and not repaired.

The same condition applies to those that chose to share content on social media that is incomplete or just completely wrong. The influence of that content begins then and doesn’t end, and most people refuse to share that they were wrong or in error in sharing false information. It goes back to our ego drive and not wanting to appear vulnerable in many cases.

So, whether a formal media outlet or an individual, pledge to check for accuracy before you broadcast, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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