“Eating dinner as a family”: Jocelyn, 15, dreams of a happy home, forever parents

Jocelyn, 15, is all smiles holding her favorite caramel macchiato
Jocelyn, 15, is all smiles holding her favorite caramel macchiato(Source: KLTV Staff)
Published: Jun. 1, 2022 at 9:02 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An afternoon at the coffee shop meant an opportunity for Jocelyn, 15, to get her favorite drink: iced caramel macchiato.

“The straw is a heart!” Jocelyn said as she sat down for our interview in Shine Coffee. “I just love the taste!”

Jocelyn is a lot like other teens her age. She enjoys being social, spending time with her friends, and trying new things. She also likes to share those adventures through social media.

“I post, I scroll, and I text,” said the sophomore with a smile. “I love posting TikToks and Instagram is my life right now.”

Jocelyn’s social media reflects not only what she’s been up to, but her keen eye for the beauty in the little things all around her: flowers, animals, landscapes, and more.

Jocelyn, 15, shares photo in spring bluebonnets
Jocelyn, 15, shares photo in spring bluebonnets(Source: Instagram)

Jocelyn’s creativity can also be seen in her hobbies.

“I actually make my own beaded bracelets,” she told us as she showed off one of her decorated wrists. “This one says ‘wanted.’ I got it from my summer camp staff. And then I made this one with the star.”

And while she’s talented in the jewelry-making department, Jocelyn has different plans for her future in a few years.

“I want to become a CSI, which is a crime scene investigator, and I want to go to Sam Houston State University,” said Jocelyn.

There was a certain part of a recent tour of the university which had her sold on this specific program.

“They have a body farm!” Jocelyn explained with the utmost composure. “Basically their families or they donate their bodies to science, and then you watch their bodies decay... and you study over it!”

Jocelyn is so effortlessly sure of herself and that assuredness stretches into her hope of finding the perfect family who will support her dreams.

“Eating dinner as a family every night at a table or going on outings for dinners or shopping at the mall,” Jocelyn said as she thought out loud about what the perfect family looked like in her head. “Playing board games every Friday and Saturday.”

She tells us she knows that dream can be a reality when the right people see the young woman she is.

To learn more about Jocelyn, click here, to view her profile and caseworker contact information on the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange. TARE ID: 97687

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