Disabled East Texan who beat odds receives unexpected gift

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Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 7:07 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Jordon Granberry, a 20-year-old who proved the doctors who said he would never walk or talk wrong, received an unexpected gift.

“Um, initially they said he probably would never do anything but just sit there and drool,” said Donna Granberry, Jordon’s mother.

Jordon took his first step all on his own last week without the help of his mother.

“For him to take off and walk without me pushing or pulling, it was the best paycheck that any parent could ask for,” Donna said.

In April, Donna went to a wedding in North Carolina. She ended up filling in for a hairstylist who didn’t show up.

That’s when she met a fellow Texan who changed her life.

“I was telling him about Jordan’s progress and his walking, and he said, ‘I wanna bless you. Could you guys use a van?’ and I like stopped talking and grabbed my heart in that moment, and I was like, ‘Yes sir,’” Donna said.

The specially equipped van arrived Tuesday in front of Donna’s home.

“Ohhhh! My goodness, I know how expensive this thing is. I had wanted one of these forever,” Donna said.

Donna said having this vehicle brings more ease into their lives.

“We’ve priced vans, and they were just out of our price range. I’ve never had a vehicle the same year that it is,” Donna said.

Not only is Donna celebrating her son walking on his own for the first time, but she’ll also be celebrating her birthday this Friday. She said she has already received the best gift ever.

“It’s just such a blessing to our family,” Donna said. “It’s, just blowing my mind, and it’s like so much goodness in one year all with Jordan. Were just so grateful.”

Donna said Jordan has yet to go to the beach and that will be their first stop in their new vehicle.

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