Prosecution says Taylor Parker has ‘repeatedly and continuously’ engaged in criminal behavior while in jail

Sentencing phase of trial scheduled to start Oct. 12
Published: Oct. 11, 2022 at 12:51 PM CDT
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NEW BOSTON, Texas (KSLA) - The sentencing phase of Taylor Parker’s trial is set to begin Wednesday, Oct. 12 in a Bowie County courtroom.

Parker was found guilty of capital murder in the death of Reagan Hancock and removing Hancock’s unborn child, who later died at a McCurtain County hospital. The jury will now decide whether to sentence Parker to life in prison without parole or death. Prosecutors are seeking the death sentence.

Court documents filed by the Bowie County District Attorney’s Office say since Parker was first put in jail in October of 2020, she “has repeatedly and continuously engaged in criminal behavior, violation of jail policy, and has continued her fraudulent pattern of lying and misrepresenting most all aspects of her medical history and medical status.”


Documents say Parker had access to an email kiosk and the jail phone system, where she discussed her schemes and scams. Court documents go on to say Parker “repeatedly rips up or modifies her jail clothing” to be more revealing. Prosecutors say Parker has continued romantic relationships with other male and female inmates.

Also since being locked up, prosecutors say Parker orchestrated a fraudulent scheme directed at fabricating evidence, tampering with witnesses, and ultimately framing a mentally fragile inmate for the crime.


The sentencing phase could last up to three weeks in the 202nd Judicial District Court of Bowie County, Texas.