Sentencing phase of Taylor Parker’s trial begins in Bowie County courtroom

It didn’t take long for prosecutors to say they believed she should be sentenced to death row
Parker was found guilty in the murder of Reagan Hancock and her child, Braxlyn.
Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 1:07 PM CDT
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NEW BOSTON, Texas (KSLA) - Wednesday, Oct. 12 marked the first day in sentencing phase of the trial of Taylor Parker, the woman convicted of killing an expectant mother and her unborn child.

Parker was found guilty in the murder of Reagan Hancock and her child Braxlyn.

In the courtroom, it didn’t take long for prosecutors to say they believed Parker should be sentenced to death row.

In opening statements, prosecutors said Parker had a history of claiming she had many medical issues such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and stroke. The defense argued that those who knew Parker was not pregnant should have done something to prevent the crimes.

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However, prosecutors claimed Parker was using her children as pawns to prevent family and friends from coming forward by not allowing them to see the children.

The defense said they will present Parker’s “whole picture” and provide evidence that she is a good mom and that she suffers from a mental condition. Prosecutors described Parker as a con, an actress and a fraud — with the goal of achieving fame by having her story turned into a Netflix or Lifetime movie.

Prosecutors state Parker asked jail officials to stay up late to watch herself on local news.

On the stand, Parker’s former stepmother told the court she was a well-behaved girl, but often would fabricate lies to get what she wanted. She added that in 2020, Parker’s biological father was convinced she was pregnant and the stepmother told him they needed to do something.

Other witnesses who took the stand Wednesday included two former workmates of Parker in January and February of 2020. During that time period, they said, Parker lied about having a sister commit suicide and not showing up for work to attend the funeral. She also told the employees she had cancer and was pregnant.

And Parker told the employees she was waiting on a bank to send her a large sum of money and convinced an employee to pretend to be a bank teller and call Taylor’s boyfriend, Wade Griffin, to let him know why the money was being delayed. The witness said Taylor wrote out a script of what to say. Prosecutors said the money story was a lie.