Kitchen Pickin’: Dynamic duo hits estate sale

It was a pretty crazy weekend, as Jeff hit it big on Thursday, Friday and even Friday evening before a big Saturday.
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 4:04 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 18, 2022 at 4:06 PM CST
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EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - It was a pretty crazy weekend, as Jeff hit it big on Thursday, Friday and even Friday evening before a big Saturday. But this time Mama Steph tagged along for an estate sale.

Tupperware cheese grater

This Tupperware cheese grater can snap on a container to catch the grated cheese.
This Tupperware cheese grater can snap on a container to catch the grated cheese.(KLTV)

Jeff: This came from the estate sale Steph and I attended together Friday night. I was taking a break at work and looking up what sales were coming on Saturday and saw an estate sale was starting at 6 p.m. I’d never been to an evening sale and my break turned into a lunch hour. I invited Steph to come along and she was an eager participant. As soon as we walked in, we saw a long table full of Tupperware. We probably looked that over for five minutes. I got several items, but this cheese grater looked the most unique.

Steph: It was so much fun to see all that Tupperware spanning the decades that homeowner had been living there. I had to be careful not to overdo it, because I only have so much cabinet space! So out of all the cool things that were there, including this super hand grater Jeff bought, not to mention the box of random lids I think will come in handy for him, I found my one perfect piece I’d been searching for....

Tupperware colander

It's rare to find a colander with a lid.
It's rare to find a colander with a lid.(KLTV)

Jeff: So happy! Steph has been looking for this and she found it on a sale she went with me! She told me this was a BOLO, though I’ve been trying to find the lettuce bowl for her. Which I will some day. I’ll let her explain her history behind this colander. I have to admit, I may have gone a little crazy with an audience. My truck was pretty full after this sale.

Steph: I was so excited to find this colander! It is exactly like my mom’s and I love it. I love the jadeite color, I love the star pattern of the drainage holes, and I love that it still has its lid. All it needed was a good baking soda scrub and it’s almost as good as new. I love this find, and for only $3, I was a happy lady.

It was definitely fun watching Jeff “pick” this sale. I’m not a real picker like he and Cheryl or those American Picker folks on TV. I admire them because they not only know what they like, but they also know what will sell, and what things are worth. I just know what I like.

Field & Stream coffee mug

Jeff is a self-proclaimed sucker for coffee mugs.
Jeff is a self-proclaimed sucker for coffee mugs.(KLTV)

Jeff: My name is Jeff, and I’m addicted to coffee mugs. There are a few things I dart toward right away at sales: golf clubs, video games and coffee mugs. There are just so many mugs that carry value and they’re pretty cool, too. Plus they’re easy to pack up and I don’t have much competition for them. I ran comps on these mugs (I got four of them) and at a quarter each, they were a great find.

Steph: I think that a set of four of these, like you bought, will be a nice gift for a hunter! Maybe with some jerky, some ground coffee, or something like that? I think men are so hard to shop for (you guys buy everything you want for yourselves before Christmas ever comes!) so something like this is perfect and economical, too.

Rae Dunn knife

Rae Dunn is simple and cool.
Rae Dunn is simple and cool.(KLTV)

Jeff: I always check out Rae Dunn, too, and this garage was full of it! When I saw this sale advertised, they had photos of the collection. Mrs. Awtrey showed it to me and I told her they either wanted too much for it or it would be gone by the time I got there. But I got there and there was plenty left and the prices were great. Long story short, they removed the Rae Dunn photos from their listing. I decided to bring this knife because it was unique and easy to carry.

Steph: Rae Dunn is definitely a popular line of kitchen and home goods. It’s simple and pretty, so it sounds like you found your way to a great yard sale that day. This knife was a first for me, as I didn’t know there was cutlery in the line. I like it!

Henckels knife block

This Henckels knife block is super solid.
This Henckels knife block is super solid.(KLTV)

Jeff: I always check out sealed items because they sell as new. This block is really solid! Who doesn’t love a good knife block?

Steph: For sure, even if your knives aren’t the Henckels brand, they’ll fit in the different slots. It’s a nice way to display them, and it protects the blades, as well.

Uranium glass

Glassmakers pre-Depression made glass with uranium because of the green tint.
Glassmakers pre-Depression made glass with uranium because of the green tint.(KLTV)

Jeff: This is something I have been looking for quite a while. But I need a blacklight to identify it. So I ordered a blacklight flashlight a few weeks ago. I found some glass at an estate sale on Friday and shined the light and acted like I had found a treasure chest. This is uranium glass, which was made pre-Depression before it became illegal. Glassmakers liked putting uranium in the glass because of the tint effect it gives (when not in the dark). I’d been itching for nearly a week to show this to Steph!

Steph: I absolutely love these! The glow is beautiful, and it was fun to see them in the dark. The shape of these glasses is lovely. I think these are cordial glasses, as they’re quite small. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t really be drinking from them these days, you’d be displaying them. Some collector is going to snatch them up when they see these! Great find.