Crew from National Weather Service to conduct storm survey in Sabine County

The National Weather Service in Shreveport said a crew from their office will be conducting a storm survey in East Texas.
Published: Dec. 2, 2022 at 9:15 AM CST
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SABINE COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - The National Weather Service of Shreveport was in Deep East Texas today surveying damage from thunderstorms and tornado warnings in the area from the storms on Nov. 29.

The weather service said the survey will take place from the area near Geneva in Sabine County, Texas, extending into Sabine Parish in Louisiana.

Meteorologist Aaron Davis with The National Weather Service of Shreveport said they are surveying the damage today from November’s storms.

“We have had a couple of reports of damage in the area, and so ultimately it is our job today to determine whether that is straight-line winds or has any tornadic nature to it,” Davis said.

The Shreveport weather office services four states: portions of Southeast Oklahoma, Southwest Arkansas, Northwest Louisiana, and East Texas.

“Anytime there are reports of damage or storms we think warrant any type of survey like this, we service all those areas,” Davis said.

Davis said they heavily rely on people to report the damage to the National Weather Service. He said this storm system mainly went through wooded, rural areas. Today, there weren’t many damage reports, so they had to find the damage other ways.

“It’s more just tracking the storm on the radar, overlay with a road network map, and we’re basically performing a grid search to see if we can find anything,” Davis said.

Davis said the damage they did find is from straight-line winds.

“It looks like a lot of the storms cycled right as they started to get going and produced some pretty strong down drafts. I believe right now we’re up to 90 miles an hour for straight-line winds,” Davis said.

When there is a tornado, NWS crews look at tree lines, debris and the severity of damage to determine the strength the tornado had.