Nacogdoches ‘Rider Down’ event gives life-saving motorcycle crash advice

Saturday in Nacogdoches, the “Rider Down” Emergency Response Seminar was held to educate motorcycle riders and other motorists.
Published: Apr. 15, 2023 at 12:18 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2021, 521 drivers and passengers riding motorcycles were killed.

Saturday in Nacogdoches, the “Rider Down” Emergency Response Seminar was held to educate motorcycle riders and other motorists about what to do if you come upon a motorcycle wreck.

Jack Noble is the president of the Nacogdoches chapter of the Gypsy Motorcycle Club. The club wanted to host an event to educate other bikers and motorists about what they should do if they come upon a motorcycle wreck.

“A lot of us that go through the motorcycle course, learn how to ride motorcycles, but unfortunately a lot of us don’t get the medical training. This isn’t a qualification course; this is just familiarization. It’s about trying to save lives,” Noble said.

This topic is near and dear to the group’s heart.

“A friend of ours was involved in a motorcycle accident here where he himself and his rider both lost a leg from a drunk driver. And, it was because another rider that was on scene was able to provide an improvised tourniquet that saved their lives,” Noble said.

Training was offered in assessing the crash site, stopping the bleeding, applying basic first aid and a tourniquet.

Michelle Kline, a clinical nursing instructor at SFA, was there to offer first aid knowledge. She said this is important.

“Unfortunately, there are accidents that happen. Especially with motor vehicle accidents of all sorts, you get arterial bleeds and seconds and minutes count,” Kline said.

She recommends carrying a kit at all times with a tourniquet, scissors and dressing.

Other motorcycle clubs also came to the event.

Brian Sheppard and Charles Smith are a part of the Beaumont Gypsy Motorcycle Club.

“It’s good information in case one of us goes down or if we come up, riding, and see someone else go down,” Sheppard said. “When we get back home, we’re going to try and pass this information to people we know back home,” Smith said.

The Nacogdoches chapter is looking at hosting this event annually.

KTRE's Avery Gorman reports from Lugnutz Bar & Grill on Highway 59, where the "Rider Down" Emergency Response Seminar is being held.