Kitchen Pickin’: Elsie the Cow makes an appearance during new set debut

Kitchen Pickin': New set debut
Published: May. 26, 2023 at 11:29 PM CDT|Updated: May. 26, 2023 at 11:30 PM CDT

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - This week on Kitchen Pickin’, Jeff shows off a book with a surprising value.

Starbucks ‘Been There’ mug

Starbucks 'Been There' mug
Starbucks 'Been There' mug(KLTV/KTRE)

Jeff: I’ve brought Starbucks mugs on quite a few times, but this is the first time I’ve found one from the “Been There” series, which is a coveted series.

Steph: I had no inkling that this series was so popular. I just saw a Disney World mug in this series available for $198! Good gracious. They really are well designed and good quality. I think this is the modern day version of when people used to collect those tiny spoons with the names of places they’ve been, only coffee mugs are more useful.

Montgomery Ward mug

Montgomery Ward mug
Montgomery Ward mug(KLTV/KTRE)

Jeff: This is from 1988 and I’m told it belonged to a former employee of the company. For 50 cents, it was worth the shot. I don’t think it’ll pay off but something this vintage is still fun.

Steph: I’m not sure what the theme means. We’re part of what? But I did like Montgomery Ward the times I went into the Tyler store in the late ‘90s.

Pier One spoon rest

Pier One spoon rest
Pier One spoon rest(KLTV/KTRE)

Jeff: The price tag says $1.50 and that’s an easy buy for Pier One products. Spoon rests are one of the simpler necessities of the kitchen. Mrs. Picker has learned how to spot Pier One from a distance away.

Steph: You can’t go wrong with Pier 1. I miss that store! I like this spoon rest and have one similar that says “Home is where your mom is” that my son gave me. Who knew a spoon rest could be sentimental?

Elsie Borden plush

Elsie Borden plush
Elsie Borden plush(KLTV/KTRE)

Jeff: By reading the tag, it appears this comes from the late 1980s or early 1990s. Again, just one of those branded items that’s hard to pass up.

Steph: Elsie is so cute, too, that she makes this little beanie baby irresistible. I love her and know some advertising collector will snatch her up. I even like seeing the Borden trucks with her picture on it in downtown Tyler a their plant. Such an easily recognizable American mascot!

Corning Ware Collection book

Complete Guide to Corning Ware
Complete Guide to Corning Ware(KLTV/KTRE)

Jeff: This book appears to be quite the rarity. One of my better finds. It’s pretty cool and shows all the different types of Corning Ware that are out there, with the values on them. That is funny to me, because a value can change before a book is even published.

Steph: This book is really nice. I looked up a few pieces of my own in there, and found out how much they were worth. I can tell you this much...they aren’t worth as much as this sought-after book (but I still love them.)

Kitchen painting

Kitchen painting
Kitchen painting(KLTV/KTRE)

Steph: This immediately caught my eye at a junk store one day several years ago. I love the simplicity, the theme, the’s just simple and perfect for a kitchen. Ruby Bagby, thanks for painting it, whoever and wherever you are. (By the way, those green and white veggies are leeks. I absolutely could not remember during the show.)

Jeff: This is a simple painting that is just beautiful and I can imagine it’s something Steph would fall in love with.