District judge expedites lawsuit for crash that killed two SFA students

Angelina County District Judge: “I’m stepping on the gas,” in lawsuit for crash that killed two SFA students
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 10:55 PM CST
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ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - There are new developments in a lawsuit stemming from a crash that killed two Stephen F. Austin student athletes.

Graylan Spring and Micah McAfoose were driving in Corrigan on January 20 when they hit by an 18-wheeler. According to DPS, the 18-wheeler failed to yield to oncoming traffic. Both students later died of their injuries.

Angelina County District Judge Bob Inselmann called a review hearing today. He says it’s time to get the ball rolling on the case.

“I’m stepping on the gas,” Inselmann said.

His goal was to set a trial date today, and while that didn’t happen, he gave both sides’ attorneys deadlines to have completed all of their depositions for discovery.

The dates agreed upon were read by Jerrad Bloome, the defendant’s attorney hired by the trucking company, representing both Hughes Trucking and the truck driver, Antonio Sandoval Jr.

“January 10, 2023, depositions of intervenors mom and dad, plaintiff’s mom and dad, and defendant Hughes, defendant Sandoval, and Jackie Boggs,” Bloome said.

Judge Inselmann ordered by the end of January, all other depositions wanted by both sides have to be completed and all of discovery in the case has to be done by February 15, 2024.

Another attorney hired by the defendant, Marcy Rothman, wants both of the students’ driver’s license numbers as well as their education records for discovery as well.

“The driver’s license is relevant to whether or not these kinds of incidents have happened in the past with this driver. The second issue on the educational records, if folks stand up and say you know what, ‘he was a great student, he was perfect.’ I’ve had this happen before, I’m not trying to cast dispersions on anybody, but I have to test it,” Rothman said.

But Mike Love, the plaintiff’s attorney hired to represent the family of Graylan Spring, says that discovery is unnecessary.

“Our client was not driving. The other person’s driver’s license number is on the police report. You can order an abstract driver’s license record. So, I do that in every case. That’s all red herrings. As far as the college records being relevant, I just don’t think they’re relevant, but if we can’t agree on that, she should file a motion to compel.”

They expect another hearing to take place sometime in February after discovery in the case is completed.