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Ways to deter deer from consuming garden plants

Here are some ways to deter deer from consuming garden plants.

Gambling with cattle herd health

Rapidly declining post oaks

Lessons from a county agents meeting

Evaluating your landscape

Rain, humidity plague tomato gardeners

Mayhaw disease woes

Continued Coverage

The rich history of Spanish moss

  Texas AgriForestry summit offers ranchers summary of services, networking opportunities

  Texas AgriForestry group takes tour of Nacogdoches, Cherokee counties ahead of annual summit

  Timber industry experts explain why China tariffs wouldn’t seriously impact East Texas markets

Beautiful wildflower or weed?

Fungus problems on fruit and other plants

  Director of SFA Gardens after weekend flooding: ‘It’s part of the challenges’ in region

Officials say at least 5 inches of rain caused the Lanana Creek to flood its banks.

Centipedes and Millipedes

As all critters grow and mature, there are certainly cases where the conditions line up and are favorable to developing a huge population. And when that happens, everyone affected immediately notices.

Planting Cantaloupe takes patience, perfect timing

Cantaloupes take about 80 to 90 days from seed to harvest, making them a longer wait than some other items in the garden.

Grow winter squash in summer to stores for colder months

Winter squash is grown in the summer months. It cannot tolerate cold soil and certainly won’t last after a frost.

Focus on farm pond management in Spring

Owen Quarles to participate in ‘Reach for the Stars’ at Angelina County Fair

  WEB XTRA: East Texas Spring Fling Horse Sale

Nacogdoches County agriculture award honorees named

Amy Jeffries building table for Angelina County Fair

  ETX peach farmers concerned recent freeze could hurt crop production

Wet soil means gardening might be delayed

Wet ground is going to slow gardens down and getting that tiller into your wet, soggy soil sets up a garden for long term problems.

Chilling hours and cold weather

Are you prepping for the chilling hours and cold weather? Here's what you need to know.

Planning for a successful 2019 hay harvest

If you find yourself still needing to feed hay, it may be time to look at your stocking rate. Proper stocking rates will allow for cool season grasses to get a foot-hold and sustain your herd. Overstocked pastures never do see grasses, of any kind, really perform well and adequately sustain livestoc

Gearing up for a successful hay harvest

Harvesting hay with a short time frame between each cutting will certainly lead to higher quality hay, whereas waiting longer between cuttings will increase the yield. But this increased yield will have a much higher fiber content. This increased fiber is less digestible.

Planning out your vegetable garden

Coming out of a very cold weekend may not be the time that most folks plan for spring gardens. Getting into the 20’s sure puts a damper on working outside.

  East Texas Ag News: Hay prices for this week

The USDA weekly Texas hay report says all hay classes traded fully steady at the end of 2018.

  East Texas Ag News: Seed planting tips for the new year

You can start the new year off planting seeds in your garden.

  East Texas Ag News: Breeding hogs on the rise in the US

The number of hogs kept for breeding here in the US is up by more than three percent compared to last year.

  East Texas Ag News:

With the shortage of good hay, it is important for stockmen to supplement protein in a cost-efficient manner.

  East Texas Ag News: This week’s hay prices

Due to the recent Christmas holidays, there are no cattle numbers.

East Texas Ag News: Keeping laying hens productive in winter

Keeping laying hens productive through the winter months means keeping them well fed, well-watered, healthy, and comfortable.

  East Texas Ag News: Wood ashes can be used for landscape fertilizer

Many East Texans are wondering the best way to dump their ashes after burning fires throughout winter.

  East Texas Ag News: Tips on growing turnips

Turnips normally reach a useable size at two or three inches in width.

Care for backyard chickens during winter

Keeping laying hens productive through the winter months means keeping them well-fed, well-watered, healthy, and comfortable. Here is a checklist developed by experts to assist the backyard grower in keeping their flock comfortable.

  East Texas Ag News: Treating pets for fleas in the winter

While there are fewer fleas in your yard right now, it’s not the same for your pets.

  East Texas Ag News: This week’s cattle, hay numbers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

  East Texas Ag News: Invasive tree bug makes its way to Texas

An invasive bug species is making its way to Texas.

  East Texas Ag News: Resting soil is essential to healthy gardens

The term fallow ground isn’t widely used anymore, but it’s a common agricultural practice to let the soil rest and restore the soil structure and biological life.

  East Texas Ag News: Controlling thistle seed heads

What is the best way to control thistle seed heads?

Gift giving to a gardener

Getting someone a gift that would at least nudge them outside to beautify and the landscape with proper tools and inspiration, I’d be willing to go that far.

  East Texas Ag News: Latest numbers for hay, cattle producers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

  East Texas Ag News: Building your garden soil

If your garden has some fallow areas that need building, the Winter months are an excellent time to add organic matter, which is beneficial to all soils.

Grazing demonstration with turnips

A recent trial looked at the viability of seeding turnips with ryegrass as a winter grazing option for cattle. The results delved into the specifics of this option that may sound odd to some.

  East Texas Ag News: Not too late to plant pansies

There’s still time to plant pansies. These colorful annuals will live through the Winter and be a great Spring plant.

  East Texas Ag News: Calf prices down this week

The price for calves is down this week compared to recent weeks.

  East Texas Ag News: Latest prices for cattle and hay producers

Taking a look at the latest hay and cattle numbers in East Texas.

  East Texas Ag News: Feeding catfish in winter

The growth of channel catfish slows during the winter, but feeding is still important, otherwise catfish will lose weight and will not be in good condition.

  East Texas Ag News: Christmas gift ideas for gardening lovers

Looking for some Christmas ideas for your friends and family with a green thumb?

  East Texas Ag News: When to prune your plants

Taking a look at the best times to prune your plants.

  East Texas Ag News: Cool season vegetables can survive first frost of season

Some vegetables can make it through the first frost of the season.

  East Texas Ag News: Cattle prices look good following Thanksgiving holiday

Due to last week’s Thanksgiving holiday we don’t have a market comparison but according to the East Texas Livestock Market Report coming out of Crockett buyer demand this week was good.

  East Texas Ag News: Cost of steaks trend upward during fall months

The cost for different cuts of beef typically changes seasonally depending on demands.

  East Texas Ag News: Transplanting trees, shrubs in winter months

The best time to dig and transplant trees and shrubs is during late November through February.

East Texas Ag News: Baling hay after the first frost

The dry weather from the summer coupled with the excessive rains this fall have prevented a lot of hay producers from getting as much hay baled.

East Texas Ag News: Grass varieties in East Texas

East Texas is home to Vasey grass and Johnson grass.

East Texas Ag News: Improved milk cow productivity in Texas

East Texas Ag News: Improved milk cow productivity in Texas

Identifying Johnson grass and worrying about Prussic Acid

Since Wednesday’s cold snap, I’ve had a number of questions about properly identifying Johnson grass. I grew up with lots of Johnson grass in our pastures in Johnson County, just south of Fort Worth. Here in east Texas the predominant large grassy weed is Vasey grass, which is often locally called “

East Texas Ag News: Taking a look at the turkey market

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means it’s time to talk turkey.

East Texas Ag News: This week’s cattle and hay numbers

Taking a look at cattle and hay numbers for the week.

East Texas Ag News: Tips for winter gardening

With colder weather approaching, birds will appreciate our help in supplying food, water and shelter.

East Texas Ag News: Spring weed control starts in fall,winter

It’s not even winter yet, but now is the time to start thinking about your spring weed control for your lawn and flower beds.

East Texas Ag News: Are ornamental cabbage and kale edible?

Ornamental cabbage and ornamental kale are favorites to add beauty to flower beds during the winter months, but are they edible?

East Texas Ag News: Honeybees search for pollen, nectar as winter approaches

It may be getting close to winter, but honeybees are still out, looking for any last pollen and nectar they can store.

Late season hay harvest

It's true that many livestock producers will regularly bale hay late in the fall.

East Texas Ag News: Benefits of chickens grazing empty gardens

If you’re keeping backyard chickens, normally you keep them away from your vegetable garden to avoid damage.

East Texas Ag News: Pork, chicken prices lower than this time last year

Taking a look at the price for pork and chicken, from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Center in Overton.

Keeping grass healthy through the fall, winter months

Taking a look at what to do to keep your grass healthy as growth slows down.

Pruning trees and shrubs

If you are itching to start purning now, wait a little longer.

East Texas Ag News: Grains that do well in East Texas

What small grains should East Texans be looking at for fall and winter grazing?

East Texas Ag News: Cattle and hay numbers for week of Nov. 1

Today we are digging into the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Gardening opportunities continue in November

Fall is in full gear, and compared to the summer heat, this month has brought us pleasant outdoor gardening weather.

East Texas Ag News: Preparing plants, gardens for first frost, freeze

Fall is in full gear, and compared to the summer heat, this month has brought us pleasant outdoor gardening weather.

East Texas Ag News: Weekly cattle and hay numbers

Taking a quick look at cattle and hay numbers for this week.

Water well training and testing opportunity

Landowners that get household water from their private water well have a one-time chance to get a couple of tests conducted free of charge.On Wednesday, Nov 7 from 1 -5 pm, the Texas Well Owner Network (TWON) will be hosting a free training and water testing at the Angelina County Extension office

Angelina Ag Extension News - Pecans in your landscape

Cary Sims, the Angelina County agriculture extension agent, discusses diseases that affect pecan crops.

East Texas Ag News: Ag extension agent shares composting tips

An East Texas ag extension agent shares tips on composting.

Mushrooms, fertilizer, fire ants, lime and stopping spring weeds

Fall is a unique time for lawn management. As of this writing, there are only about 60 days until the average first frost. The lawn should be winding down but we still have to mow until cooler temperatures and shorter days stop the grass from growing.

East Texas Ag News: The importance of bees in agriculture

One out of every three bites of food you eat is dependent on pollinators such as honeybees.