Biden to join NATO leaders at June 14 summit in Brussels

The meeting at NATO headquarters in Brussels will be a face-to-face opportunity for Biden to rebuild relations with leaders from Europe and Canada.


Thousands gather at Germany’s Brandenburg Gate to celebrate anniversary of Berlin Wall falling

Understanding the Wall: How the Berlin Wall divided a nation

  VIDEO: Network anchor Tom Brokaw shares lessons learned from Berlin Wall

Germany, allies mark 30 years since Berlin Wall fell

  VIDEO: Fmr. Ambassador reflects on George HW Bush’s role in German reunification

Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Robert M. Kimmitt shares his reflections on the role of President George HW Bush during German reunification.

  Fmr. U.S. ambassador reflects on fall of Berlin Wall, role in reunification of Germany

As the world marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a former diplomat is reflecting on his tenure as the first U.S. ambassador to Germany following reunification.

VIDEO: Misconceptions, misinformation have led to ‘romanticization’ of Berlin Wall

Lane Luckie explains misconceptions and common questions about the purpose of the Berlin Wall.

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Lane Luckie reports on the historical impact of the Berlin Wall coming down 30 years ago.

  Art installation sends ‘wishes’ fluttering over post-Wall Berlin

Freely moving in the wind, independent, yet seemingly in harmony, 30-thousand ribbons dance in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Germany’s most visible symbol of unity.

  VIDEO: Lane Luckie explains the dark history of the Berlin Wall

Lane Luckie explains the significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall on modern world history.

IMAGES: 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

30 years after the 'Peaceful Revolution' led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, a unified Germany and the world celebrate this historic moment. Click here for images from the commemoration.