Daily Market Round Up


What’s in your soil?

  East Texas Ag News: January best month for transplanting plants

  East Texas Ag News: Tips on controlling pests with non-chemical methods

  East Texas Ag News: This week’s cattle and hay numbers

  East Texas Ag News: Composting yard waste good for environment

Each year millions of tons of leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs, weeds, organic debris, and other yard wastes end up in Texas landfills.

  East Texas Ag News: Tips on which leaves to use to build up soil

Have you ever heard of incorporating leaves into your soil to build it up?

  East Texas Ag News: Importance of good soil in vegetable gardens

As you get excited about a new garden site this year, don’t forget to use good soil.

  East Texas Ag News: Growing onions in your spring garden

Yellow, white, and red onions grow very well in local home gardens.

  East Texas Ag News: This week’s hay trades remain steady

The USDA weekly Texas hay report says hay trades were mostly steady compared to last week.

  East Texas Ag News: Tips on planning a vegetable garden

With a new year, many are excited about getting going on a garden.

  East Texas Ag News: Birds are showing up at the feeders

Goldfinches, tufted titmouse, black-capped chickadees and other birds will be showing up at feeders during this time of year.