Mama Steph’s spicy blackeyed pea - sausage soup with greens

This simple and delicious recipe is healthy too!

  One-pot chicken stew by Mama Steph

  Tortellini-vegetable soup by Mama Steph

  Chicken and kale soup by Mama Steph

  Dinner in 10: Tex-Mex vegetable soup by Mama Steph

  Creamy Tex-Mex Chicken Soup by Mama Steph

  Berry French toast bake by Mama Steph

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4-ingredient fudge crackle cookies

  Secret-ingredient cinnamon cookies by Mama Steph

  No-bake peanut butter-corn flake cookies with mini-chocolate chips by Mama Steph

  3-ingredient cookies with cranberries, white chocolate and pecans by Mama Steph

3-ingredient fluffy biscuits and sweet potato biscuits

Sweet potato casserole by Bear Creek Smokehouse

Sweet potato bars with butter-toasted pecans by Mama Steph

Here's an easy fall recipe that those of you who love sweet potatoes but don't have the skill or the time to make sweet potato pie will enjoy!

Cornbread dressing simplified by Mama Steph

First of all, there's a debate about what to call this ever-popular Thanksgiving side: dressing or stuffing?  (It's stuffing if it's inside the bird, right? Right.) Anyway, here's a great recipe for cornbread dressing that you might want to try.

Sausage and apple dressing bites by Mama Steph

These little orbs of luscious sausage, apple and dressing, baked in mini-muffin tins, are the perfect way to get the flavors of Thanksgiving into an hors d'oeurve for the holiday.

  Cinnamon sweet potato logs by Mama Steph

These sweet potato logs with a touch of cinnamon make a great side for weeknight suppers, and they are a great stand-alone snack.

  Berry-chocolate chip bread by Mama Steph

  Creamy butternut squash pasta by Mama Steph

  Easy garlic-cheddar biscuits by Mama Steph

  Apple-stuffed baked acorn squash by Mama Steph

  4-ingredient baked omelet by Mama Steph

  Chicken and yellow rice bake by Mama Steph

Pepperoni-cheese pull-apart bread by Mama Steph

Whether you've got your grill out for tailgating or cooking on the patio, or even if you are inside in your kitchen, this cheese-y, gooey bread is the perfect appetizer to help you enjoy your favorite game!

  Back-to-school cheeseburger biscuit cups by Mama Steph

This recipe is fun to make for kids, or even with kids! They’ll enjoy pressing the biscuit dough into the muffin cups and helping to fill them.

Cool cucumber salad with homemade dill dressing by Mama Steph

This delicious salad is cool, flavorful, and easy to make! It goes well alongside your grilled hamburgers or chicken.

  Lemon impossible pie by Mama Steph

Lemon Impossible Pie by Mama Steph is very easy to make, and it's delicious!

Whataburger rolls out massive food truck

The truck, which is 36-feet long and features a full-sized kitchen, according to the company, was unveiled on Thursday at an event honoring teachers in San Antonio.

Mama Steph’s plum-perfect pork chops

This week's wonderful recipe will give you another supper idea to have in your weeknight arsenal. It's unique and truly delicious!

  Simple summer-berry cobbler by Mama Steph

Here’s a nice, pared-down cobbler that’s easy to make, and makes just enough for two or three people to enjoy for a day or two. If you are feeding a crowd, double it and enjoy.

  Spicy baked pimiento cheese dip by Mama Steph

This dip is very easy to make and the flavor payoff is amazing!

  Chicken-vegetable stir-fry by Mama Steph

Here’s a healthy, quick meal for your busy evenings. It’s loaded with vegetables and protein, so fits into many healthy eating plans.

  Buffalo chicken biscuit sliders by Mama Steph

If you are looking for a tasty and easy to prepare recipe for watching football, or just for something different for you weeknight supper, this may be just what you’re looking for!

  Slow-cooker barbacoa by The Texas Beef Council

Our kitchen guest this week is Shalene McNeill with the Texas Beef Council. She’s going to show us how to make a beef barbacoa in the slow cooker, so it’s easy, flavorful, and will make great taco filling.

  Creamy broccoli salad with sunflower seeds and cranberries

This broccoli salad is a classic; you can serve it any time of year, and it’s great with other ingredients added to this basic recipe, too

  Breakfast ‘boats’ with eggs, ham and cheese by Mama Steph

I love making fun, easy meals for my family, and you might like this one as much as I do. You simply carve out a small loaf of French bread or a baguette, fill, and bake.

  East Texas Kitchen LIVE on East Texas Now: Christmas recipes

Join Mama Steph as she cooks up a delicious, easy-to-make Christmas dinner for you, complete with dessert, plus a bonus candy idea that’s so easy you won’t believe it, and is suitable for gift giving.

  Frozen margarita mousse by Mama Steph

If you love the lime-drenched flavor of a real margarita, you’ll enjoy this dessert! There’s no tequila involved, but there is definitely the cold lime zing you’re looking for.

  Perfectly-dressed fruit salad by Mama Steph

Here’s a recipe that you’ll be craving all summer if you’re a fruit lover.

  Fresh farmer’s market salad with corn, tomatoes and basil by Mama Steph

This salad is great on so many levels. It tastes delicious, and looks beautiful on your plate. It is full of nutrients, and it’s easy to make. You'll love it!

  Pasta Salad with pickled veggies by Mama Steph

Summer salads start transitioning into fall flavors with the bold tastes in this easy-to-make pasta salad.

  Easy Baking: Turtle cookie bars by Mama Steph

This recipe for decadent Turtle cookie bars is longtime favorite, especially during the holidays. This version makes it much easier by using a few shortcuts.

  Kilgore food truck owners say increase in customers means people want to help small businesses

“A lot of people have stopped by and said ‘hey, there’s a small business, a mom-and-pop shop. Let’s stop by and give them a try,'" Lacreshia said.

Grilled chicken with creamy mushroom sauce by The Potpourri House

Mushroom Sauce Over Grilled Chicken

  Korean braised short ribs by the Texas Beef Council’s Shalene McNeill

Your family and friends will think you spent all day in the kitchen with this recipe when you simply just threw it in the slow cooker for a few hours.

East Texas taco fans mourn loss of Curbside Taco

Curbside Taco, the first permitted Tyler food truck is closing.

  Drive-thru service workers wearing protective gear to safely serve customers

Like many eateries, Café Del Rio has closed their dine-in area and started providing curb-side services.To stay within the CDC’S guidelines, Café Del Rio workers are wearing personal protective gear such as gloves to better serve their customers.

  Creamy taco soup by Mama Steph

This delicious soup will fill your belly and keep you warm...oh, and it’s delicious, most importantly!

  Stovetop smoked ham and cheese macaroni by Mama Steph

Here’s an easy dinner idea that you and your family will really enjoy. It’s comfort food with the added benefit of being ready in just minutes on the stovetop!

  Fun-Fruity Nothing Vanilla Cookies

Trevor Stripling joins us today with a fun dessert for birthdays, springtime, or any day!

Blue Bell releases new flavor for cookie dough lovers

Blue Bell has released a new ice cream flavor that is perfect for cookie dough lovers.

  Chicken Veronique by Chef Simon Webster

Looking for an easy, yet elegant dinner idea? Chef Simon has a great idea here to share.

  Authentic Louisiana gumbo with Mama Steph and Keith Honore

Keith Honore, senior director for KLTV, shared his mom Yvonne's recipe for authentic Louisiana gumbo. The Honores are from Lake Charles, and clearly, they know their gumbo.

Will Ferrell, Laura Dern to star in ‘Fruitcake,’ movie based on true crime at Collin Street Bakery

Actors Will Ferrell and Laura Dern will star in "Fruitcake," a new film reportedly based on true events that happened at the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana.

A Slice of Carnival: Sweet treats made by the thousands

We are well into the thick of king cake season, but there's a good chance you haven't tried them all

New nutrition labels on your food – Have you noticed?

New FDA rules are now in effect regarding how food nutrition labels look.

  Cookie cups with custard and strawberry glaze by Cookn’ Guy David Wallace

David Wallace will make the perfect dessert for Valentine's Day!

  East Texas Kitchen LIVE: Valentine’s Day treats and sweets by Mama Steph and Jennifer Kielman

This is a fun bunch of recipes for you to try on Valentine’s Day (or any day, really. They’re just fun!) for someone you love.

  Fluffy chocolate-strawberry ‘fool’ by Mama Steph

This fluffy dessert looks lovely enough to serve for occasions like Valentine's Day or Easter, but it’s so tasty that you might just want to make some right now.

  Red beans and rice by Bear Creek Smokehouse

Robbie Shoults from Bear Creek Smokehouse shares a delicious recipe for this classic Louisiana dish.

  White bean-chicken chili by Bear Creek Smokehouse

Our friend Robbie Shoults, CEO of Bear Creek Smokehouse in Marshall, shares a recipe that will be perfect when you get a craving for something warm, cheesy and delicious for supper.

  Simple, delicious Fettuccine Alfredo by Mama Steph

A simple Alfredo sauce is a recipe you can learn to make very quickly. This version is far superior to any jarred, preservative-laden Alfredo sauce you can buy in any store.

  Red velvet cookie bars with M&Ms by Mama Steph

This pretty dessert is fun to make and delicious, too!

  Grab a slice: It’s National Pie Day!

If you’re looking for a sweet way to celebrate, East Texas Kitchen has you covered.

  Mustard cabbage recipe by Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant

Mike Chubboy shares a delicious, uncommon and keto-friendly recipe.

  Crawfish Fettuccine by Copeland’s of New Orleans in Longview

Wesley Wynne from Copeland’s of New Orleans in Longview joins us to share a scrumptious pasta idea.

  Black-eyed peas and greens: Why we eat special foods on New Year’s Day

For as long as I can remember, I was taught that on January 1, it was important to eat certain foods for good luck and prosperity. Here are ways to add these "lucky" foods to your New Year's Day meal!

  12 Days of Christmas on ETX Kitchen: Crinkle cookies to please your guests

Day 12 we have Chocolate Mint Crinkle Cookies recipe and video

12 Days of Christmas on ETX Kitchen: 11 tips for your best gingerbread house

Our friends at ETX Weekend share 11 tips for building the perfect gingerbread house

12 Days of Christmas on East Texas Kitchen: 10 gifts for foodies

Inspiration for shopping for your favorite food lover or cook

12 Days of Christmas recipes: 9 delicious sides for your holiday table

Here is a list of 9 delicious side dish recipes for you to enjoy this holiday season, each and every one delicious!

  English mince pies by Chef Simon Webster

Chef Simon Webster shares a delicious, traditional recipe for the holidays.

12 Days of Christmas recipes on East Texas Kitchen: 7Up recipes for the 7th Day of Christmas cooking

On this seventh day of our East Texas Kitchen recipes countdown, we thought we’d have fun with the number seven and share some recipes that use 7Up or you other favorite lemon-lime soda.

12 Days of Christmas Recipes: 6 steps to pulled peppermint at Lindale Candy Company

Watch this super-satisfying video of 7 steps to pulled peppermint at Lindale Candy Company.

4-ingredient Almond Joy cookies by Mama Steph

These cookies are so chewy, delicious, and couldn't be easier to make! They contain only four ingredients, and no eggs or flour, so they're perfect for those of you who can't tolerate those additions. And did we mention they're delicious?

  5-ingredient crock pot sangria for holiday celebrations (plus a faux sangria!)

During hot weather, everyone recommends we stay hydrated. Water is great, and we should drink a lot of it. But when you're in the mood for something different and delicious, try this delicious faux sangria! No alcohol involved in this refreshing drink, making it family-friendly and safe for pregnant moms.

Famous ‘Tea Room’ Teacakes by Chef David Wallace

Chef David's most requested recipe is no doubt for a little sugar cookie that is called a tea cake.

4-ingredient recipe: Tanners 21 best Frito-chili pie by David Wallace

Here’s a fun recipe that you will enjoy all season long! Warming and delicious.

Third Day of Christmas: 3 anchor recipes

Check out these recipes from Anissa Centers, Jennifer Kielman, and Erika Bazaldua:

  East Texas Kitchen’s 12 Days of Christmas returns

Following a fun 2018 debut of 12 festive ideas for your holiday season, Mama Steph returns with 12 more days of East Texas Kitchen.

  2nd Day of Christmas on East Texas Kitchen: 2 guest chefs

We are counting down the days of Christmas on East Texas Kitchen, East Texas Now and East Texas Weekend!