Better East Texas: Responsible reopening

While the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, it appears that Texans are learning to cope with new distancing practices and have really adjusted habits, especially in the case of restaurants and other indoor gathering places.

Better East Texas: Virtual learning outcomes during COVID-19

We continue to learn about the impact of COVID-19. Perhaps the largest impact initially was on our schools as shutdowns were the norm last spring and virtual learning took center stage.

Better East Texas: Suicide prevention discussion brought into focus by Dak Prescott

There has been an incredible amount of pressure on many individuals created by the events of this year.

  Better East Texas: No more name calling in politics

Here is hoping election day will get here soon and no matter the outcome, the name calling will take a recess

  Better East Texas: Austin police funding

Urban protests and violent demonstrations continue across the land. Police departments are facing unyielding pressure to make sure there is not even a hint of abuse. It is a challenge that will be with us for the foreseeable future.

  Better East Texas: COVID-19 progress

We are entering a phase in the COVID world as everyone is watching and speculating what the impact of back-to-school will have on the spread of the virus.

  Better East Texas: Police funding must stay

Governor Abbott recently responded to the Austin decision and is proposing a law that restricts some tax collections from cities that reduce police funding.

  Better East Texas: Under God

We must preserve those things vital and prominent in the identity of our country – the Pledge, the National Anthem and others, or our country ceases to be America.

  Better East Texas: The issue of Seattle police funding

I used to hear the casual prediction that trends start on the west coast and make their way to Texas. But I am not sure there is much on the west coast outside of a few pockets that have milder weather that are needed in Texas.

  Better East Texas: Mail-in voting is needed

The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic adds to the challenge of the U.S. conducting an accurate and safe election.

  Better East Texas: Destructive effects of ‘cancel culture'

Today’s cancel culture goes far beyond identifying a preference and supporting that preference, it involves absolute hate for products, services and even people that are counter to that preference.

  Better East Texas: Tyler needs proposed overpass for future growth

One of the hallmarks of good stewardship is planning for the future.

  Better East Texas: COVID-19 playbook

It has always been said that Texas is like its own country and that may have never been truer – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Better East Texas: July 4 plans affected by COVID19

Will July 4 activities be safe for your family? You need to find out.

  Better East Texas: Sports after COVID-19

The COVID response by professional and amateur sports alike has created a wasteland of sports repeats on TV and non-spectator events that just aren’t the same.

  Better East Texas: Civil unrest should lead to measurable plans

Equal justice demonstrations continue across the land. One thing is for certain, looting and rioting won’t bring about change and blurs the true message

  Better East Texas: Personal responsibility to protect self, others from COVID-19

What is known is that regardless of current or future guidelines and restrictions, managing the spread of the virus is still a largely personal decision.

  Better East Texas: Preparing for changing financial world

Texas will be facing a state revenue, tax generated shortfall in the coming legislative session. Local governments – city and county - will also be faced with reduced and changing tax bases.

  Better East Texas: Post-COVID19 responsibility

Regardless of what rules, provisions, guidelines are put in place, we as individuals have the largest control of how and even if the virus spreads.

  Better East Texas: Patience as we reopen Texas

Texas begins to re-open as the US moves past the one million mark for confirmed infections of COVID-19 and moves past the 60,000 mark for deaths connected to the virus. We are re-opening, which is good – but still, take a breath.

  Better East Texas: Beware of COVID-19 opportunists, scammers

We are already seeing some opportunists price gouging on some retail items. But worse than that are some malicious actors that are producing offers on social media or through emails that make false claims that are designed to get innocent, unsuspecting, but desperate, people to respond or send m

  Better East Texas: The COVID economy

While social distancing may be helping slow the spread of the virus, the practice is also taking a heavy toll on the economy.

  Better East Texas: Thoughts on future Super Bowl halftime shows

We can’t seem to give up the notion that there must be some political message or shock factor in the show.

Better East Texas: Voter turnout for primaries needs to be strong

It is about to get hot and heavy in the political stew in Texas – at least on the democrats’ side.

Better East Texas: We need a healthy minimum wage

The true enemy of our economy is a consolidation of wealth and income in the hands of a few.

  Better East Texas: Baseball - sport or business?

When is a sport, no longer a sport? When it becomes a massive business where winning overshadows the rules of the sport.

  Better East Texas: Political messages of Golden Globes

The Golden Globe Awards were on TV recently and, as has been the custom in recent years, there was ample political messaging during the acceptance speeches.

  Better East Texas: Recovering from the holidays

The holiday season has wound down, but the impact of the holiday season will linger for awhile.

  Better East Texas: Weighing in on minimum wage increase

January 1 marked the trigger date for many new laws.

  Better East Texas: Flu shot could save a life

That time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years when traffic is at its worst, when patience is at its lowest, and when transferrable diseases – like the flu – are at their highest

  Better East Texas: Avoiding holiday stress

For many of us, when we see the holidays approaching, we start to feel overwhelmed, stressed, challenged and just generally under the gun.

  Better East Texas: Kaepernick still on outside looking in

The league is not in a hurry to get the Kaepernick issue solved.

  BET: East Texas needs viable plan for homeless population

Most cities have a plan for just about everything – from financial downturns, power failures, even civil unrest and other emergency services. But many cities don’t have a plan to address the homeless issue.

  Better East Texas: What effect will later school start times have on students?

The provision will be implemented over the next few years, but it does essentially as it is described, start the school day later.

  Better East Texas: NBA GM’s tweet causes blowback from China

China did not receive the tweet from Morey positively and has cancelled television carriage of several NBA-related events between NBA teams actually playing in China.

  Better East Texas: Pros and cons of paying student athletes

The reality is that colleges make millions and millions of dollars in revenue off of sports, while the student athletes don’t make anything.

  Better East Texas: Bodycams, dashcams reveal first responders in action

Law enforcement agencies have been using dash cameras to record traffic stops and other policing actions for decades – back into the 1980s. Technology has evolved and now we have bodycams, and the newest dashcams have incredible detail and information.

  Better East Texas: Preventing school violence

Preventing one action of school violence is worth it and makes for a Better East Texas.

Better East Texas: Any relief in sight for student loan debt?

A $30,000 a year job can’t pay for one hundred thousand dollars in loans.

Better East Texas: New tobacco regulations beginning September 1

September 1 is always a banner day across Texas, as that is the day that many new laws go into effect.

  Better East Texas: Just Keep Livin Foundation providing character, fitness training

School is back in session and some parents have, no doubt, already heard the groans from their students about the outlook for the year.