The Next Normal

Parents may see longer pick-up lines at school

Parents may see longer pick-up lines when picking up their children from school.

Next Normal: Your visit to municipal court

  Next normal: School districts determining who gets Friday night tickets

WATCH: East Texas superintendents give candid thoughts on start of school year

The Next Normal: Riding school buses and transportation safety

  The Next Normal: Visit to the pediatrician

  How zoos are keeping their guest, their staff, and their animals safe

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  The Next Normal: Finding a job

  East Texas lawyers haven’t seen an increase in divorces, but how they happen has changed

  The Next Normal: Longview spa takes extra precaution for massages during pandemic

  The Next Normal: Support groups

  The Next Normal: Back to School Roundtable

  The Next Normal: Clothing stores take precautions due to COVID-19

NEXT NORMAL: Pandemic delays passport processing

If you want a passport you’re going to have to wait. The Gregg County Courthouse was told the U.S. government would not be processing passports. KLTV speaks with an East Texas District Clerk about it in the Next Normal.

WEBXTRA: Gregg County District Clerk discusses delayed passport processing

KLTV’s Jamey Boyum talks with Gregg County District Clerk Trey Hattaway.

  Next Normal: Dating during COVID-19

Dating during COVID-19 consists of apps, websites, video calls and other digital options.

NEXT NORMAL: Upside-down cups are one way Kilgore golf course prevents COVID-19 spread

You do it outside so there shouldn’t be a problem right? Well, with the pandemic even golfers have to be careful at the course.

Next Normal: College Orientations Offer Online and In-Person Options

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  The Next Normal: Residential cleaning services

The Next Normal: Giving birth during COVID-19 pandemic

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  The Next Normal: How getting your car serviced could look different

  The Next Normal: Visits to the veterinarian

Veterinarians all over have had to adjust the way they provide services to their clients because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Next Normal: Getting a driver’s license

“It is going to take a lot longer for this part of life to be accomplished. And that is teen driver’s education," said an East Texas driving instructor.

  The Next Normal: Voting will look different this year, all because of COVID-19

With COVID-19 still looming, officials are looking into how to protect people when the show up to vote.

The Next Normal: East Texas health official says telemedicine will continue post-pandemic

“I think it’s going to be a bigger and bigger part of healthcare going forward,” said Dr. Sam Bagchi, Chief Clinical Officer for CHRISTUS Health.