Prolific predictor of elections says Trump wins 2020 in landslide

WATCH: ABC News political director unpacks the upcoming election changes
Results from July runoff elections
  Angelina County considers impact COVID-19 may have on Nov. election process

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ABC Election Coverage

  Angelina County elections administrator holds COVID-19 safety training for election workers

KTRE's Erin Wides spoke with the Angelina County Elections Administrator,

  Nacogdoches County election coordinator discusses purchases related to COVID-19 precautions

The primary runoff election is July 14th. This will be the first election for many coordinators since the pandemic. Election administrators are dealing with the expense and prep time needed to meet all the suggested safety protocols.

  Angelina County considers impact COVID-19 may have on Nov. election process

County commissioners addressed health concerns and the procedures they may be faced with come November.

  Biden wins 9 Super Tuesday states, including Texas; Sanders takes California, 3 others

The race is shaping up as a contest between two starkly different visions for the party’s future and a November rematch with President Donald Trump.


Polls close in Texas at 7 p.m. and the East Texas News staff is ready to bring you the latest.

  Nacogdoches County elections official confident in new ballot-counting equipment

It was used in the recent amendment elections, but tonight’s much larger election and turnout will put the equipment to a true test.

  Barr under fire over comparison of virus lock-in to slavery

This is not the first occasion that Barr has condemned stay-at-home orders.

House condemns racism against Asian Americans amid pandemic

The House has voted to condemn racism against Asian Americans tied to the coronavirus outbreak.

Feds explored possibly charging Portland officials in unrest

The Justice Department explored whether it could pursue either criminal or civil rights charges against city officials in Portland, Oregon after clashes erupted there night after night between law enforcement and demonstrators, a department spokesperson said Thursday.

First volume of Barack Obama’s memoir coming Nov. 17

The memoir is called “A Promised Land” and will cover his swift and historic rise to the White House and his first term in office.

  Trump store in Tenn. to become early voting location

The building owner says his lease is up Oct. 13. According to the Bradley County Election Commission, they will set up shop the very next day, on Oct. 14.

Showdown set as US to declare UN sanctions on Iran are back

Virtually alone in the world, the Trump administration will announce on Saturday that U.N. sanctions on Iran eased under the 2015 nuclear deal are back in force. But the other members of the U.N. Security Council, including U.S. allies, disagree and have vowed to ignore the step.

  Barr takes aim at prosecutors inside his own Justice Dept.

Rejecting the notion that prosecutors should have final say in cases that they bring, Barr described them instead as part of the “permanent bureaucracy” and suggested they need to be supervised, and even reined in, by politically appointed leaders accountable to the president and Congress.

  Trump says he can talk GOP into going for ‘larger’ virus aid

Trump is particularly focused on getting a second round of stimulus checks to Americans. But top Republicans are shrugging off the president's call and suggesting they are unwilling to push their offer much higher than $1 trillion.

Report: Feds considered using ‘heat ray’ on DC protesters

Law enforcement that night clubbed and punched protesters and unleashed mounted officers and chemical agents against them in one of the most controversial confrontations at the height of this year’s nationwide protests over the killing of Black people at the hands of police.

Trump not ready to OK TikTok deal, admits US won’t get cut

President Donald Trump said he expects to get a report Thursday about Oracle’s bid for the Chinese-owned video app TikTok.

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  East Texas legislators seek statewide broadband plan

East Texas legislators seek statewide broadband plan

  Nacogdoches High School football on hold due to COVID-19 case

Nacogdoches High School football on hold due to COVID-19 case