Wife wants answers in husband's disappearance

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Cindy Scheepstra's greatest fear is that she will never know what happened to her husband, Ronald. Ronald Scheepstra disappeared three weeks ago while on a fishing trip in a remote city in the southern tip of Mexico. He was fly-fishing with friends, but left the group to fish in a different spot. Ronald has not been seen since.

Cindy Scheepstra said she does not believe local Mexican authorties thoroughly investigated her husband, Ronald's, disappearance. "They [Mexican authorities] were driving Ronald's rental car around 10 days after he went missing," said Scheepstra. "They actually drove it to the hotel to run test on it."

Cindy joined villagers and Mexican authorities in a week long search for Ronald. With no clear leads, it evokes speculation. "There is no evidence, which tends to look like he was abducted since there's been no ransom there is some speculation he could have been abducted for the slave trade which is active in Mexico," said Scheepstra.

Cindy said more needs to be done to uncover the missing pieces of Ronald's disappearnce. As of right now, the U.S. government's hands are tied. "Unless the Mexican government will consider this a crime instead of just a missing person, they are unable to physically go in and do their investigation," said Scheepstra.

Photographs of the Xcalak police department show messy stacks of files. Cindy fears Ronald's file will vanish in the stacks, much like he did. "Files are just going to end up in a box somewhere and no one will ever have answers and families need answers," said Scheepstra.

Cindy said she will never stop searching for her husband Ronald. She said her faith is bringing her through this very difficult time.