6/01/09 Lufkin Police Report

Assault, 1500 Block Barton Street: Complainant reported that two unknown men showed up at a family event and one the men hit him in the face when they were told to leave.

Harassment, 2000 Block Lincoln Street : Complainant reported that she received a voice mail from an unknown male subject who threatened to sexually assault her teenaged daughter

Assault, 2500 Block Daniel McCall Street: Three women reported mutual assault in a parking lot Sunday night.  Two women reported that one woman attacked one of them and her male companion hit the second woman.  The third woman reported that the two women attacked her and her male companion just broke up the fight.

Burglary/Vehicle, 4600 Block S Medford Drive: Complainant reported that a metal gun case and a pistol scope were stolen from the open bed of his pickup Sunday evening.

Assault, 700 Block Conn Avenue: Complainant reported that her fiancée shoved her hand away and slapped her during an argument Sunday.  Neither party wished to file charges.

Theft, 4500 Block Medford Drive : Complainant reported that a woman stole a package of hair rollers and several bottles of nail polish from a store Sunday afternoon.

Forgery/Counterfeit, 1900 Block Timberland Drive: Complainant reported that her store received three counterfeit $20 bills Saturday.  The employees didn't know who passed the bills.

Assault, Mckinney Street: Two women reported they were assaulted at a party early Sunday morning by three female suspects.  The victims had scratches, bruises and knots from the assault.

Theft, 300 Block N Timberland Drive: Complainant reported that she left her purse in a nightclub Friday night and when she returned for it the purse was gone.

Assault, 100 Block Penson Street: Complainant reported that her boyfriend hit her in the face and held her down on the ground by her neck during an argument Sunday.

Theft, 1200 Block W Frank Street: Complainant reported that cash was stolen from her purse when she left it with a known suspect Sunday.

Forgery/Counterfeit,   400 Block Timberland Drive: Complainant turned a counterfeit $100 bill over to police Sunday.  The man reported that he had been given the bill when cashing his check last week.

Assault, 3400 Block Oakwood Drive: Complainant reported that she was assaulted Sunday morning by an unknown female suspect who was apparently upset at the victim for being with two friends of the suspect.