Restaurant Report- Angelina County-October 8, 2009

The Sonic in Lufkin, on West Frank Street was given 25 demerits. The cooler, prep table, and prep cooler all need to be repaired. They need to clean the floor underneith the equipment and also in the walk in cooler. All employees need to obtain food handler cards. Broken light shields need to be replaced, and the floor drain is overflowing. The front door must fit tightly. The ceiling tiles need to be replaced. The rince compartment was contaminated and needs to be sanitized. The inside of the ice machine needs to be sanitized and the scoop must have a handle.

Dee Dee's Donuts in Zavalla on Main Street received 7 demerits. There was no floor manager on site and they need to restore the hot water in the restroom immediately.

The Eagles Nest in Zavalla on East Main Street received 4 demerits. They need to clean under the equipment, and clean the bottom of the front freezer. They also need to exterminate.

The Starbucks on South First Street only received 3 demerits. This is a repeat violation...they need to provide hand sanitizer at the hand sinks.

Castle Pines on West Frank Street received 3 demerits. They need to sanitize the inside of the ice machine.

Zavalla Cafeteria received 3 demerits. They need to store the scoop handle out of the bulk food items. The scoop needs to be stored properly.

Subway on South Timberland received 3 demerits. Hand sanitizer is required at the handwash facilities.

Congratulations to the following restaurants, they all received zero demerits. Red Lobster, Smoothie King, the Subway on South John Reddit, and the Pumpkin Patch in Diboll.

Also receiving zero demerits: Maricelas Day Spa, KB Company, Mar Tres Tea Room, Central ISD Cafeteria.