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The powerful reach of television combined with the targeted, interactive nature of the Internet delivers a powerful "one-two punch" that no other local media can match. KTRE-TV drives viewers to for the latest local news, weather, sports, and consumer information. These motivated, potential customers are then directly targeted with your online marketing message. Your business will benefit from the incredible traffic generating ability of!

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For more information on how you can reach local online consumers, contact our sales department at 936-853-5873, ext. 211, or e-mail any of the KTRE Account Executives listed at the top of this page. 

More Information

Surveying the Digital Future" is a recent study by UCLA to gather reliable information on the impact of digital PC/Internet technology on our society for policy makers, business leaders and academics. The data and analysis that will come from this study is expected to strongly govern how companies will make basic business and marketing decisions from the beginning of the project through much of the 21st century. Surveying 2096 representative households throughout America, the study is available in its entirety in PDF format for complete review. Excerpts from the Executive Study are included here...

  • More than 2/3 of Americans have some type of access to the Internet
  • 51.7% have purchased online
  • 8.9% of purchasers by online weekly
  • 28.5% of purchasers shop monthly
  • 4.5% of all Internet users are responsible for 31.4% of all online purchases
  • 21.5% of purchasers spend under $15; 59.8% spend $15-175; 18.7% spend over $175
  • Respondents say convenience is most important, followed by saving time and availability of information about goods and services.
  • Purchasers do not think there is a price advantage over traditional retail stores
  • 2/3 of purchasers say that online buying has somewhat reduced their purchasing at retail stores
  • 91.2% of Internet users are somewhat concerned or very concerned about credit card security
  • 42% of Americans us e-mail daily
  • Satisfaction with the Internet gets a rating of 4.0 on a scale of 5
  • Only 54.7% of users and 1/3 of non-users believe that most of the information is reliable and accurate
  • Individual privacy raises the greatest concern. 63.6% believe it "...puts privacy at risk."
  • 41.4% of non-users are likely to access the Internet in the next year
  • 1/3 of non-users are "not interested."
  • 16.8% of non-users "would not purchase a computer at any price."
  • Adults say that children's grades are not affected (by time spent online), and it does not cause "social isolation."
  • 47.1% use the Internet with other household members
  • Internet users watch 28% (4.6 hours per week) less television than non-users
  • Respondents say the Internet is still emerging as a tool that can create more political power
  • 67.3% of users consider the Internet to be an important or extremely important source of information. 53.1% and 46.8% rank television and radio similarly
  • 48.6% of users say their email is monitored by employers
  • 53.3% of students use the Internet at school