Loved ones remember Eliza Bishop and legacy she leaves

Published: Dec. 23, 2009 at 3:31 AM CST
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By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE)- Eliza Bishop's battle with cancer ended last week. The woman known as the Houston County historian was 89-years-old. There's no doubt she will be remembered as a commanding figure in the forefront of historical preservation in Houston County, and someone truly proud of East Texas.

She was born in Crockett, amid the roaring 20's. That lively spirit became a part of who she was. The woman dedicated to telling the world about her hometown, never turned the spotlight on herself. So much so that she didn't want a funeral.  Houston County refused to say goodbye without a tribute to Eliza Bishop, held on Tuesday.

Eliza Bishop didn't want a memorial service. She was a woman who gave with all of her heart, never wanting public acknowledgment. But, those who knew and loved her refused to say their goodbyes without first honoring the legacy she leaves behind.

"She's just, there's no one like her," said Chairperson of the Houston County Historical Commission Maxine Moore.

After prayers and a reading from Psalm 121, by Rev. Tomas Spath of First Presbyterian Church, County Judge Lonnie Hunt and Mayor Wayne Mask spoke of Bishop's contributions. The list of Bishop's accomplishments was too long to mention. Instead, they touched on the most noteworthy highlights of her life.

Bishop will be remembered as a historian, a gifted writer, with the ability to craft words, many of which, friends say she created on her own. She was known as a woman who spoke her mind, and one who helped everyone around her. Bishop's voice reached thousands through radio. She even worked for KTRE years ago. To many, Eliza is irreplaceable.

"She was a very determined lady and she got so much done on her own," said Lonnie Hunt.

"She played with words. I have many of her letters that she wrote. Always word plays in there. And she always had a little funny something to say to you," said Chair of Walker County Historical Commission James Patton.

Although loved ones are saying goodbye, Eliza Bishop will forever be remembered in Crockett. The mayor has even declared a day named in her honor.

Bishop remains a role model in Houston County. Her insight and perseverance will continue to be passed on by generations to come.

Those that knew her say they are confident Eliza is "home" as she had a real relationship with Jesus Christ, her savior.

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