Restaurant Report-Angelina County- February 11, 2010

The Vasquez Restaurant (El Jaripeo) in Huntington was given 34 demerits. Food was found at improper temperatures. The prep table was found at fifty degrees, it needs to be at forty degrees or below. The Ranchero beans and rice and the taco meat was at too cold of temperature. All employees must obtain a  food handler certificate within 30 days of employment. They need to clean (dust) around the vent hood and scoops with handles are required to scoop food. The personal food items must be stored separately from the restaurant food. They need to repair a leak under the sink in the kitchen and also the toilet and sink in the employee restroom. The back door to the dry storage must seal tightly. Three compartment sinks need to have the proper amount of sanitizer. The refrigeration unit thermometer is not working. They must sanitize inside the ice machine.

China Buffet on North Timberland received 18 demerits. Inspectors found food at improper temperatures. The cold food items must be held below forty five degrees. The buffet items must be held above one hundred thirty five degrees. Employees have been told to not throw potentially hazardous food items at room temperatures in standing water.  Also, the scoop handle must remain out of bulk food items.

Casa Ole' Restaurant & Club on South First street was handed 14 demerits. Food was found at improper temperatures. The shredded cheese was not cold enough, and the meat holder was not warm enough. Protective light shields are required and they must clean under the chip fryer.

Polkas #4 Grocery & Deli on Ted Trout Drive received 11 demerits. They must clean inside the microwave, discard dented can food items, and sanitize inside the ice machine. The raw meat items may not be stored above prepared food items; food item must be covered and protected.

Brookshire Brothers #1 Deli on South Chestnut was given 8 demerits. All employees must obtain a Food Handler Certificate within thirty days of employment. They must remove expired food items from the shelves.

Brookshire Brothers #1 Bakery on South Chestnut got 4 demerits. They need to remove the expired food items from the shelves.

Chichi's Pizza on South John Redditt was handed 7 demerits. They need to clean under the equipment in the kitchen. Hand sanitizer is required at the hand sinks, paper towels are needed in the men's restroom. Food Handler Certificate must be renewed before expiration and the fan in the dish room needs to be cleaned, it is unsanitary.

Applebee's Grill & Bar on South Medford got 6 demerits. They need to keep hand wash sinks clear of utensils. Towels are required at the hand sink in the bar area.

Manhattan Restaurant on west Lufkin Avenue received 3 demerits. The hand wash facilities were inaccessible; they need to keep items out of the sink. They also need to fix the door to the salad prep table.

Congratulations to these restaurants, they all received zero demerits this week: Wendy's on South First Street, the Airport Cafe, the Target Deli on South Medford, and the Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo.