5/14/10 Lufkin Police report

1-10-011405  5/13/10 BURGLARY                                700 Block SCHULLER

Complainant reported that an unknown person entered her apartment Tuesday night and used a hammer to break a mirror and knock a hole in the sheetrock.

1-10-011403  5/13/10 ASSAULT                                    1300 Block FULLER SPRINGS

Complainant reported that he was notified by Child Protective Services that his four year old child was assaulted by a school official at Slack Elementary School Thursday morning.  The unnamed school official is alleged to have hit the child in the head and hit the child's head against a wall.  The CPS official declined to name the suspect to the father but said the suspect had been suspended.  The father did not file the report with police until after business hours and Lufkin Police have not confirmed the incident with CPS or school officials.  The case has been referred to detectives.

1-10-011401  5/13/10 BURGLARY                                  600 Block JANEWAY

Complainant reported that the door lock and ignition on his car were damaged Wednesday night in an apparent attempt to steal his car from his driveway.

1-10-011385  5/13/10 BURGLARY/HABITATION          1500 Block BROADMOOR

Complainant reported that his home was broken into Thursday and a number of electronic items and a small amount of cash were stolen.

1-10-011390  5/13/10 BURGLARY/HABITATION         100 Block SOUTH END

Complainant reported that his home was broken into over a month ago while he was in the hospital for an extended period.  The only thing reported missing was his microwave oven.

1-10-011389  5/13/10 CRIMINAL TRESPASS                700 Block CULVERHOUSE ST

Complainant reported that someone entered his home through a window early Wednesday morning.  The complainant found the window unsecured with footprints on the bedspread indicating someone entered his home.  Nothing was noted missing.

1-10-011388  5/13/10 DISTURBANCE/DOMESTIC      700 Block S TIMBERLAND

Complainant reported that her estranged husband threatened to shoot her and her son during a disturbance Thursday.

1-10-011381  5/13/10 IMPERSONATING PUBLIC         400 Block JODIE

Complainant reported that two men came to his home Tuesday wearing body armor, badges around their necks and had exposed handguns in holsters.  One of the men kept his hand on his gun while a second man demanded the victim's car.  The victim said they threatened him with jail if he didn't give them his car.  The victim said the men turned out to be repo men.

1-10-011374  5/13/10 UUMV (NO REPORT)                 400 Block JODIE

Complainant (same as above) reported that his green Suburban was stolen from his home last month.  He thought it had been repossessed but two repo men came for it Tuesday and the complainant realized someone must have stolen it last month.  The finance company said the vehicle did not show to have been repossessed last month.

1-10-011371  5/13/10 BURGLARY                                   300 Block TRAILWOOD CI

Complainant reported that a money clip containing some cash, two credit cards and some identification was stolen from his unlocked vehicle Wednesday night.

1-10-011363  5/13/10 ASSAULT/SEXUAL/RAPE            *************

A thirteen year old girl reported that she had engaged in a consensual, ongoing sexual relationship with an 18 year old man for the past three weeks.

1-10-011362  5/13/10 THEFT/FELONY                           1100 Block JEFFERSON ST

Complainant reported that a .38 caliber revolver was missing from her home.  She believes her ex-boyfriend may have taken it when he moved out months ago.

1-10-011360  5/13/10 THEFT/A                                       200 Block LANE DR

Complainant reported that 18 squares of roof shingles were stolen from a construction site Wednesday night.

1-10-011352  5/13/10 BURGLARY/BUILDING                500 Block GASLIGHT BL

Complainant reported that a business was broken into Wednesday night and a laptop computer was stolen.

5/13/10 BURGLARY/BUILDING                                            500 Block GASLIGHT BL

Complainant reported that a business was broken into Wednesday night and two laptop computers were stolen.

1-10-011353  5/13/10 BURGLARY/VEHICLE                  500 Block GASLIGHT

Complainant reported that a company van was broken into Wednesday night and part of a satellite radio, some cash and a GPS unit was stolen.

1-10-011350  5/13/10 BURGLARY/VEHICLE                  100 Block TRAILWOOD CI

Complainant that two of his unlocked vehicles were entered Wednesday night and two GPS units and some music CD's were stolen.