24-hour house of prayer opens

Reverend Elton Musick
Reverend Elton Musick

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

CLAWSON, TX (KTRE) – It may be small, but one humble building holds a sacred purpose.

"The way everybody's running to and fro, going here and yonder, I believe they just need a place to stop and be still and not only pray but listen to what the Lord has to say to them," said Elton Musick, Reverend at Grace Baptist Church in Clawson.

Opening a 24-hour House of Prayer seemed the perfect way to provide a safe, simple place for people to pray.

The prayer house makes it as simple as pulling over to the side of the road.

"When they walk into that building they are going to feel the presence of the Lord. I hope they take that presence with them," said Musick.

Musick is inspired by the power of prayer. In February of 2009, he lost his daughter Kelly Musick, to liver disease.

"The only reason we kept her 27 years was because of the prayers of these people in Angelina and Polk County and Nacogdoches County and really all over the country," said Musick. "You can just feel the prayers of people when they are praying for you and I thank the Lord, he lead us down the road he did with Kelly."

Passing drivers, day or night can use the chapel. And if they need someone to pray with, Musick says all they have to do is ask.

"We'll go out there and pray with them."

The roadside prayer stop needs a few finishing touches before it opens up next weekend, but Musick says that's not stopping the faithful.

"We've already had people come through and just stop and go in there and pray."

Whenever, whatever, no prayer is too big to fit through this door.

There will even be a guest book for prayer requests.

Reverend Musick is installing seating, as well as a wheelchair ramp.

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