Hunting dogs stabbed to death in Sabine County

SABINE CO, TX (KTRE) – Prowlers slipped in under the cover of darkness Saturday night and stabbed to death four hunting dogs trapped on a dog run.

Some owners use a dog run, which allows your dog to be attached by a leash to a line like a clothesline, in lieu of a fence.  The owner of these dogs used both to keep his dogs secure in his backyard.

Sheriff Thomas Maddox said the dog killers cut a six strand barb wire fence to gain access to the backyard where the dogs were chained.  Their owner, Tom Cryer, was home at the time, but said he didn't hear anything.

Hunting dogs can be one of a hunter's most prized possessions.  They're trained to assist a hunter with various tasks depending on the primary sense used to locate quarry.

Cryer said he discovered the slain animals Sunday and called the Sabine County Sheriff's Department.  Sheriff Maddox said there was no sign that the slayers came near the house, which was about 200 yards away.  The sheriff said they had some persons of interest, but so far no arrests.

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