250 potential jobs coming soon to Chireno

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

CHIRENO, TX (KTRE) - An oil and gas service company is planning to set up shop in the small town of Chireno. Nacogdoches county officials say the new business will create 200 to 250 jobs.

The quiet, quaint streets of Chireno, population 400, may soon be a little busier. A gas and oil service company, not yet named, is on its way.

"They'll invest around 8 million dollars in our economy and infrastructure and between 9 to 11 million dollars annually, so it's pretty positive." said Ed Pool.

Nacogdoches County Economic Chairman Ed Pool says it will create opportunities, putting people back in the workforce.

"250 jobs is a lot." said Pool.

The 250 potential jobs each hold a $45,000 salary, according to Pool. Chireno resident Theresa Whitehead is ecstatic.

"I think it's great because they're having to go so far to find the jobs and a lot of these young kids that are coming out of the high schools and stuff, maybe they'll be able to stay closer to home to go so far, but yeah it's going to be great." said Whitehead.

For the last few months, the county has been working to get the gas company here. A competitive battle that Whitehead says she's gracious for.

"We needed it I think, we really need it. You can drive around and see some of the homes and know that these people need work," said Whitehead.

Some Chireno residents, like Stephen Elliot, are skeptical of how long the work will last.

"I think it'll eventually shut down just like everything else." said Elliot.

While the new company may not be the answer to everyone's economic problems, Chireno residents say it's a step in the right direction.

In addition, the company plans to build a retail store on site. Pool says that will create another eight to ten jobs. Pool says the jobs should be available by mid 2011.

Pool says the exact location and the company's name should be released by next week.

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