Lufkin third grader collecting socks for soldiers

Tanner Adams
Tanner Adams
Tanner with Principal Kathy Jost
Tanner with Principal Kathy Jost

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – You slip them on your feet each day and probably never think twice about your socks.

But they're a hot commodity for soldiers overseas, where they can't get them.

One 8-year-old is determined to solve this problem one sock at a time.

Tanner Adams isn't letting anything stand in his way.

"I was reading a World War II book and I put it down and I said mom I think we should collect socks for soldiers because people don't have clean socks and their feet are getting infected," said Tanner.

With his family's support, his idea turned into a Facebook page.

"Two nights after I set it up, I had 68 fans. After that I started getting some socks and right now at home I have 50," said Tanner.

Support even spread to Tanner's school, Brandon Elementary.

"The community's jumped in to help Tanner. The teachers have jumped into help Tanner, and the students have jumped in to help him and I have a feeling this is going bigger than Lufkin," said Brandon Elementary Principal Kathy Jost.

"I want to get at least get one-million socks," said Tanner.

His goal is to make at least four shipments to Afghanistan with the help of the American Legion Auxiliary.

"Even someone as young as Tanner, really they do understand what the soldiers are doing for us in that they are giving their lives for us every single day," said Jost, who says the project has opened a lot of eyes. "There are soldiers out there that don't get packages, whether they don't have family members or whether just because of tough economic times, they don't have the means to send socks over to them."

"It's kind of amazing because I've never had something like this come up," said Tanner.

One-million pairs of socks is a tall order for a little guy, but the third grader has no doubt he'll reach his mark.

Tanner needs men's and women sizes, but says the socks need to rise above the calf.

Any special notes will also be delivered to soldiers with each pair. The first shipment will go out on December 4th.

If you'd like to donate un-used socks to soldiers, drop them off at Brandon Elementary, Dunbar Primary, or Texas State Bank in Lufkin and Huntington.

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