Cultural event diversity

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending two wonderful events, The American Cancer Society's Cattle Baron's Ball, and the Brookshire Brothers Wine Tasting Dinner.

The significance of these events, as well as the Angelina Arts Alliance, and events at Stephen F. Austin University, are that they provide a cultural event diversity needed in Deep East Texas.  As we try to convince people to move to our part of the great state of Texas, we must be able to show that we have something for everyone and that if you are not an outdoors person, you will still find entertainment here.

I wish you could have come to the Cattle Baron's Ball.  Terri Self, chairperson, and Bridget Henderson, co-chairperson, led a team that put on the most spectacular event of the year.  I also wish you could have come to the Wine Tasting Dinner.  Jack Gabriel and his team brought in the owner of Alexander Valley Winery based in California and he was outstanding.

Deep East Texans are proud of their culture, a culture centered on outdoor activities including hunting and fishing, and sports, most notably football.  The majority of us enjoy one or more of these activities.  And yet as our leaders market our area as a place to grow a business, raise a family, or retire to, we must recognized we have to provide cultural activities for everyone.

Deep East Texas is a great place to live, and these types of events makes living here even better.