Hemophilia A Treatment

A new treatment for Hemophilia A is helping patients of the disease look forward to leading healthier lives.

Advate is the first and only treatment for Hemophilia A made without the addition of human or animal proteins, and it has just been approved by the FDA. Those proteins can transmit blood-borne viruses and disease. This marks progress in the fight to improve the lives of people with Hemophilia A, who have been worried about their safety each time a new virus like West Nile or SARS comes about.

Hemophilia A therapy works by replacing the protein factor 8 that people with the disease are missing. When infused into the bloodstream, factor 8 controls the painful bleeding associated with hemophilia A.

Doctors say replacement therapy, of which Advate is the newest advance, is the cornerstone for allowing patients to achieve as normal a lifestyle as possible.