Good Samaritan says he was attacked after checking on man lying on Hwy. 103

Bryan Fancher mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Bryan Fancher mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County Sheriff's Office has arrested an Etoile man accused of attacking a Good Samaritan who was checking on him after seeing him lying on the highway.

Bryan Lee Fancher, 45, is charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, a second-degree felony.

According to the Angelina County Sheriff's Office, the couple, Duane and Delois Lout, of Shelbyville, were driving Friday afternoon on State Highway 103 East when they saw a man lying on the road.  Duane Lout, 64, got out of the car to check on him. That is when he said Fancher jumped up and began beating on him.

Delois Lout said she tried to nudge Fancher with her car to distract him, but Fancher tried to get in the car with her. Duane Lout, who suffered some severe facial injuries, managed to stop Fancher. Fancher then ran away, Delois Lout said.

"He just come up there cussing and fighting and raising cain and eventually he quit," Duane Lout said. "But, then he tried getting up in the car with my wife and that's when we got into it again."

"I ran and jumped back in the car and I thought maybe I could bump him with the car or something and get him off my husband, but then he came after me," Delois Lout said.

She didn't hit him, but she'd really like to now.

"I'd love for somebody to hold him and let me beat him with a baseball bat," Delois Lout said. "That's really, I mean I'm sorry, but I mean my husband, I saw him getting beat up and bleeding, couldn't do anything."

According to Lt. Pete Cooper, a deputy found Fancher walking further down the road and apprehended him. Delois Lout said she identified Fancher from a photo lineup and the sheriff's office charged Fancher with the crime.

Another Good Samaritan also pulled over and was able to assist Duane Lout. He was taken to a Lufkin hospital, where he was treated and stitched for the facial injuries.

"Ain't no doubt in my mind about he was on something," Duane Lout said.

Although Lout has his suspicions, the arrest report does not indicate any motivation for the attack.

"I just felt helpless," Delois Lout said.

She just had back surgery and now her husband is recovering from a beating.

But, the Shelbyville fire chief says there's a message in all this.

"Help folks, but be careful doing it," Duane Lout said. "I'd have to help somebody else again. I mean you can't let one knothead stop the world, you know."

Cooper said the report did not indicate why Fancher attacked Lout.

Fancher has a lengthy criminal history, including a previous assault conviction, plus convictions for driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana and aggravated robbery.

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