Cinema Expansion Brings Economy Boost

A new expansion at Lufkin Mall by Carmike Cinemas means additional entertainment in the area and entertainment is not its only possible benefit.

By this time next year, Carmike Cinema plans to have a major movie venue open in the Lufkin Mall. They've signed a deal to expand the current theater to 8 screens.

"It will expand to the back parking lot. It will go along the wall way and then out into the parking lot about 100 feet," explained Marketing Manger Sherri Ziegenhals. "The cinema as it is right now has four theaters. They will take out the first one and expand that area into a bigger concession and ticket taking area, and then renovate the three existing theater and build five more out this way."

The new theaters will include stadium seating. The news is already creating excitement among Lufkin residents, many of whom often travel out of town with their families to watch movies.

"It's very expensive. It's not very good and it's really gross and usually you go out of town to go to a decent movie like Tyler or Houston," said 17-year-old Brittny Allen. "It will give us something to do in Lufkin. Lufkin is not that big and there's not a lot of things to do. It will keep kids out of trouble and give them something to do right here in town."

The expansion of the current cinema is good news for citizens of Lufkin because of its entertainment value. It also has an added value to the businesses of the Lufkin Mall.

"It means a broader customer. It means attracting teenagers. Young adults are future customers," said Tammy Ives, Store Manager of Bath & Body Works. "It means parents can feel more comfortable about leaving their kids here. They'll shop more. It will give us a chance to touch more customers."