London brings a special invitation to the SFA marching band

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A royal invitation from Queen Elizabeth of England brings the opportunity of a lifetime for the SFA marching band.

"It's an honor for London if they come," said Lord Roger Bramble, Lord Lieutenancy of Greater London.

Lord Roger Bramble delivered the news, asking the band to perform in London's legendary New Year's Parade.

"It's big, it's over 10-thousand participating, 3 quarters of a million people watching on the streets. It's going out to 250 odd million, ugh, it's big," said Bramble.

The royal court apparently caught wind of the boldest sound from the oldest town. Band members are stunned by the opportunity.

"It's frankly very overwhelming," said SFA Band Director, David Campo.

"It's really exciting. It's a special privilege, and it makes me feel very privileged to be here at SFA with this wonderful band," said Kelsey Wigand, Twirlerjacks senior.

The Lumberjack Marching Band is more than excited to accept London's invitation to play overseas in the New Year's Day parade.

"The invitation actually came completely out of the blue. We had no knowledge of it. It was completely that someone had referred us to their person in London, and they had done background checking. And, then so, they issued the invitation to us," said Campo.

Despite the 3-thousand dollar price tag per student, Campo hopes around 300 students and alumni will make the trip. That leaves only a few months for fundraisers. The SFA band is looking to leave around December 28th.

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