Eliminate Spinal Stressors At Work

Prevention is the best way to fight the pain, emotional stress, and missed work caused by back pain and other spinal problems. The American Chiropractic Association suggests the following tips to help you identify and eliminate “spinal stressors” and promote good spinal health habits in your daily office routine.

      Make sure your office chair fits correctly.  Sit with feet flat and knees at a 90-degree angle, or use an angled or elevated footrest.

      Take periodic stretch breaks.  For weary hands and wrists, clench your hands in a fist and rotate your wrists 10 circles in, then 10 circles out.  With hands in a praying position, squeeze together for 10 seconds then “pray” with the backs of your hands together, fingers pointed downward, for 10 seconds.

      Don’t cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder.  This can lock up the spinal joints in the neck and upper.  Instead, hold the phone with your hand, use the speakerphone or a phone with a headset.

      Sit 18-28 inches from the computer monitor.  The monitor should be at eye level.  With the mouse close to your body, use your whole arm to operate the mouse and keep your wrist straight.

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